Charlie Munger On How Inflation Will Play Out… My Reaction – Part 2 | Phil Town

recently spoke at the Daily Journal's yearly conference and they covered . In this part 2 video, I react to 's ideas on the current state of inflation.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Download: The Inflation-Ready Checklist
00:30 – How Will This All Play Out And What Munger Is Doing
02:00 – Phil's Reaction To How Will This Play Out
05:16 – Question: What Are Your Thoughts To What Munger Has Said About Inflation?


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Charlie Munger On … My Response – Part 2:

Charlie Munger On How Inflation Will Play Out… My Reaction – Part 2 | Phil Town

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    1. remember a guest of Greg hunter a view years back mentioning munger and buffet should’ve gone bankrupt during the 2008 crisis but were saved by the FED.

    2. @peter dockrill a) how would they know that and b) literally the entire financial system would’ve gone under if it weren’t for the fed so that is not some kind of criticism of buffet or munger

  1. Hi Phill…u are great investor and educator. Love seeing your videos.

    But don’t need to create crazy thumbnail like other stupid content creators.
    You always rock without that

  2. When it comes to the world of investing, most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance.*

    1. He alludes to the Buffett “20 hole punch card” that even 20 good buys over a lifetime is a lot to expect.

  3. The central planners will do what they do best, overshoot. They overshot inflation, they will overshoot deflation, then they will overshoot inflation on the upside again and it will be the final meltup. So Basically spx 4k to 2800 to 8k imo.

  4. Every time I hear Charlie Munger speak, I immediately think of that little speech you guys used to showcase at the beginning of every podcast back in the day.

  5. You’re hard to hear on these vids, Phil. Charlie was loud enough, but you’re kinda muffled even with my volume up.

  6. I highly doubt that Munger sees his Chinese stocks as a currency hedge. He’s invested there because Li Lu is a phenomenal investor

  7. The mic volume on your videos needs to be adjusted. They’re no longer as clear as they used to be. Charlie was easy to hear. A bit of time editing your videos to make your audience hear you better would come a long way…

  8. What are your thoughts about what Charlie Munger said?

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