Chainlink LINK has actually been in a downtrend vs USDT for 2.5 years! It now finally broke out of this. Likewise the 1+ year drop vs appears to be broken now. Add to that Chainlink just released its highly prepared for CCIP procedure. It looks like whatever is lining up perfectly for LINK to begin getting ready. Let's take a look!

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  1. Nice one man… good to see ya. I would watch a FA vid on LINK even tho I know most of the details… people need simple explanations…. Comparing transaction volume of Swift for example with potential future payments withn LINK burn and mint. Tokenomics have a bad reputation for LINK..time to change that sentiment. Thanks

  2. Thanks Quinten. sorry about governments vs exchanges, Bybit is not good for those in US. They are really trying to make it difficult, but I still appreciate your analysis.

  3. Thanks for the update. A recession is currently the “most likely outcome” and I can’t imagine falling victim to inflation at its highest point in forty years. My portfolio is down sharply, and it won’t do me any good to keep holding on to it. I’ve heard of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars during this dividend season. How do I make sure that happens?

    1. I believe Cameron Chuang is the best person who can completely help beginners to succeed in the cryptocurrency field! You can do your research and look for a smart, strategic FA who can help you keep your assets stable and grow them over time.However, Cameron Chuang is my FA.

    2. I’ve been a member of his group for some time now and so far the signals provided there are quite accurate!

    3. I just found Cameron Chuang online and researched his certification. He seems very proficient and I wrote to him detailing my financial market goals. I hope to get his response soon!

  4. Hi, why did you have your chart on logarithmic instead of the regular chart? Only on LOG the 2,5 year downtrend just broke, not the normal one where is was broken a long time ago.

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