Celebrate! | InvestED Podcast | Episode 400

On this milestone episode of InvestED, Phil and Danielle commemorate 400 * episodes and take a look at where the marketplace might be headed in the new year.

Having spent the past two weeks going over the All Weather condition Portfolio, are there particular profiles of financiers who would be much better fit to this strategy than others? How can you use the four containers to hedge your bets against the ups and downs of the market?

Join us as we liquidate 2022 and almost 8 years of the InvestED Podcast, and see where the inflation roller coaster takes us in 2023.

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Celebrate! | InvestED Podcast | Episode 400

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  1. Welcome back Danielle! Check out the Barbell Strategy by Jim Rickards where cash is the connector and gold, bonds, property are the inflation and deflation hedges. ๐Ÿคœ

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