Ask Phil: Investing Workshop Q&A (Part 2)

Have you ever wanted to ask an pro a concern? Guideline # 1 workshop participants get that chance!

We have actually put together some of the leading concerns from 2023 up until now, with answers directly from .

1:16 At what level do Rule # 1 financiers require to understand the marketplace?
1:40 Circle of competence
2:02 Harley-Davidson, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, REI
2:56 What is the disadvantage to purchasing rapidly altering markets?
3:31 Warren Buffet Coke example
4:04 Where will the company be in 10 years?
4:44 If there are companies that are not on sale, is the Guideline # 1 technique to wait?
5:20 Importance of persistence

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Ask Phil: Investing Workshop Q&A (Part 2)

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