7 Signs You’re NOT Ready to Retire | Phil Town

Many individuals strive to retire early, but this isn't sensible for everybody … Particularly in economic unpredictability like today. Here are 7 Signs You're NOT all set to retire.

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00:00 – Intro
01:00 – You Haven't Described a Monetary Plan
01:50 – You Haven't Chose What You'll Wish to Do in Retirement
02:10 – Download: Free Retirement Calculator
02:30 – You're Not Yet
03:06 – You Still Have a Lot of Financial obligation
03:39 – You Haven't Reassessed Your Portfolio
04:14 – If Work Is Essential To You, You Should not Retire
05:04 – You're Not Accounting for Inflation
06:19 – Concern: Do You Think You're Prepared To Retire?


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7 Indications You're

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  1. I took myself off of disability income and insurance when I was in my early 20’s and went to work. Now I’m in mid ‘50’s and I desperately need healthcare insurance to sustain my disability care ( I do receive a pension from my former job which sustains my current cost of living needs.). I am currently working and am not ready to retire.

  2. A person should never retire if he or she is still capable of working. He should even do volunteer work to help society sustain itself in a workable and productive

  3. This inflation has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans. You and Clark Howard both say not to take SS till you’re 70. I know there are COLA increases, but without this crazy inflation it was about an 8% increase per year delaying taking benefits (may be more with COLA). I was confident I could make more than 8% on average and I was going to start DCAing my checks starting at age 62 into a separate brokerage account just to see how it all worked out. This inflation is scaring the heck out of me though. I have a couple of years to think about it still.

  4. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for this video. Can you elaborate on the cash on hand idea and what your thoughts are on the market for the next couple years? Thanks!

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