2023: An Investor’s Opportunity

While we do not have a crystal ball, we do have the know-how of our masters to help guide us on our journey. This week, Phil discusses the point of views of Ray Dalio and Warren Buffett, sharing insight into how Rulers can capitalize on the existing state of the 2023 market.

0:14: in 2023
0:26: Ray Dalio's viewpoint
1:19: Warren Buffett's point of view
1:52: Effect of inflation
2:52: The Stock Market is psychological
3:43: "Sell when the market's greedy, purchase when the market's afraid"
4:25: Structure generational wealth in 2023

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2023: An Investor's Opportunity

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  1. Where does Uncle Warren get the $? If he buys and holds forever is he getting the excess capital from owned business like Geico or sees?

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