Why I’m Buying HBND | Canada’s First Covered Call Bond ETF (Hamilton ETFs)

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A prospectus consisting of essential information relating to these securities has actually been filed with the securities commissions or similar authorities in certain jurisdictions of Canada. Copies of the prospectus may be gotten from info@hamiltonetfs.com, www.hamiltonetfs.com or on the SEDAR website (www.sedar.com).
Commissions, management costs and expenses all might be related to financial investments in exchange traded funds. Please check out the ETF Realities or prospectus of the Hamilton ETFs prior to investing. Exchange traded funds are not guaranteed, their worths alter regularly and past performance may not be repeated. For a summary of the dangers of an investment in the Hamilton ETFs, please see the particular threats set out in the Hamilton ETF's prospectus. Hamilton ETFs trade like stocks, change in market value and may trade at a discount rate to their net possession value, which might increase the risk of loss. Circulations are not guaranteed and are subject to alter and/or removal.


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Why I’m Buying HBND | Canada’s First Covered Call Bond ETF (Hamilton ETFs)

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    I’M BUYING AN ETF!!! You know I hardly ever buy ETFs, but HBND caught my attention and I pulled the trigger and added a significant position to my portfolio. In this video, I was lucky enough to connect with Hamilton ETFs and I’ll share the questions I had with them before I made my decision! Hope you enjoy the video.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m not going to buy bond no matter what. Only stocks and ETFs monthly paying fund. The reason bond are for long with no big chance to be with high value while stocks ETFs and paying monthly fund can go higher with their appreciation. The fact we see bond is that government want us to buy it so investment company that don’t want it but they can’t leave the bond market to others… Yes as for now I see decrease with all but let’s talk a year from now. Thanks again and see you in your next video.

  3. This is so funny to me. Of course I went to the blossom event in Toronto and met Brandon and Marc, and it was a great time. I stopped by the Hamilton booth just as they were tearing down and I said “Hey wait I have a question!
    Bonds…. I don’t own them… and I feel like I should…”
    His answer was “Sorry we don’t offer any fixed income products.” And I could see frustration on his face. I thought for a moment I had offended him, but the man gave me a hat, continued tearing down his booth, and sent me on my way. I’ll definately be buying some HBND 😎

  4. I have done a lot of research into covered call ETFs, and have even traded CCs myself, however, I am becoming skeptical of my current CC ETF positions if we go into a bear market, and am forced to hold these for a long time, as the share price devaluation is tough for me, as every month we go ex-dividend, the share price decreases. I know it’s a net-0 decline (other than taxes) however, it doesn’t feel right to me, knowing that if I held them for 10 years, I would be down an immense amount from a principal perspective. Do you have any comment on this thought pattern/view? Ps love the videos as always, super happy with the new news format you have been doing Mark, thanks again!

    1. I love covered calls.

      But on actual equity associated with blue chip companies where I control the ATM flow.

      Any CC ETF unintelligently pulls premium ATM at an unintelligent CC duration.

      This fails to skew CCs in the favor of the writer.

    2. @Ciro Di Rosa What would be an example of the unintelligent ATM vs intelligent ATM call? Same question for the duration.

    3. Same question – I would ideally want a stable price (not decline too much) and yet still higher yield but not overly aggressive. For me a flat and10% yield or 2-3% growth and a 8% yield monthly would be my ideal. Has anyone found that??

    4. @Myth

      CC ETFs are awful as they are written ATM on tight durations.

      – If the underlying asset (stocks, bonds, etc) loses value. Sure the ETF owners keep the small premium, BUT the next written CC will be at the new ‘lower’ asset price as the strike price. It doesn’t care that the new lower asset price is below what it costed originally minus the premium. This is how CC ETFs lose their value.
      – OR if the underlying asset (stocks, bonds, etc) gains value. Sure the ETF owners keep the small premium and gets assigned to sell away the asset, BUT the next written CC will be at the new ‘higher’ asset price as the strike price. This increases the risk of selling below the costed price (minus all the premiums) if the asset price tanks.

      This is how CC ETFs lose their value since it only focuses on income not asset value.

  5. This ETF is down 6.21% as of the day I’m posting this… what the chance of it ever coming back? Most of the Covered Call ETF’s that Hamilton and others put out don’t ever seem to recover their share price over time. This always makes me really skeptical about them.

  6. I wonder if your online influence can cause a bubble in whatever you are giving a good review of…. ;). you could maybe game that and make the big $$$.

    1. A video with 4K views isn’t moving anything for personal increases. Always good to read between the lines though.

  7. WELL! this sounds very interesting….the kind of thing “passive Income investing’ would be talking about, what with the covered call thing and income focus going on! You aren’t about to sell your house and move to Costa Rica, are you?

    I remember back in 1986 when I bought my first RRSP…GIC at 13%. rates were nuts! I bought a 5 year GIC and by the time it matured the rates had fallen quite a bit. I was a ‘super genius’…or lucky. is it kinda the same now?

    I like Nick!

  8. good grief! I just checked my portfolio! It’s been a lousy two weeks for me….maybe for everyone?

  9. For myself – compounding is my key method to further enhance my income… – which I’m doing on my other equity investments /

  10. Would u and your son Brandon do a video on lira account set it and forget it for 20 years.
    You have 120k Cnd and 50k usd to start

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