Why I Moved To Mexico City (8 REASONS)

After doing full-time vanlife in the U.S. given that last December, I decided to head over to Mexico City to take a break from vanlife. I'm also THIS near buying property here in Mexico City, so that's amazing! Meanwhile if you're wondering … Why Mexico City ?! That's what I want to speak to you about in today's video! I have 8 good reasons that I moved here. So if you have actually ever considered moving to another city OR nation, I hope these factors will help YOU get clear on what things to think about before making the move.

00:01:53 – Factor # 1: Low Cost Of Living
00:03:39 – Factor # 2: Culture & Variety
00:05:20 – Reason # 3: Access To Nature
00:06:35 – Reason # 4: International Flights
00:07:14 – Reason # 5: Weather condition!!!
00:08:00 – Factor # 6: Spanish Language
00:09:03 – Reason # 7: Walkable
00:10:00 – Reason # 8: Dog-Friendly.

Campervan Trip! (Ram Promaster 159" WB).

Vanlife Vlog (Sequoia National Forest Edition).


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Why I Moved To Mexico City (8 REASONS)

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  1. CONGRATS on a new chapter in your life. Do show us more of Mexico City…. the people, the sights, the culture, the food, stuffs they do there for leisure and relaxation. God bless you and keep you and your dog safe always.

  2. Love that you chose Mexico!🤍 I have family throughout and I’m also looking to purchase in Mex city , curious and would love to know your process!!

  3. Congrats Rose! Please post more about buying property, process and selections there. Keep those videos coming sometimes a vlog break from investing in this market is a good reset.

  4. 1:53 low cost of living
    3:42 culture and diversity
    5:27 access to nature
    6:34 well-connected internationally
    7:16 the weather
    8:02 the language
    9:05 no car needed
    10:08 dog-friendly

  5. Congratulations on this chapter of your life, Rose! 🤗 Mexico 🇲🇽 is on my list of places to visit. I came back from Panama 🇵🇦 last month and was amazed at how walkable and diverse Panama City is – and literally a hot version of NYC or Toronto 😆. Are you planning to RV through Mexican national parks?
    Looking forward to videos on acquiring a home outside of America because I’m ready for a permanent expat life. Stay safe 🙏🏾

  6. I’m happy for you Rose. I’m glad you are making progress my friend. Keep up the great work!

  7. The air only contains 15.9% oxygen in Mexico City (and it is polluted), compared to 20.9% at sea level. This will affect performance and perception. Also, Mexico is clamping down on entry-time for foreign visitors; need to give a good reason to stay longer — it is no longer an automatic 6 months like pre-2022. Also, for Europeans, SE Asia is more attractive and not much further, although it has not fully opened up for those without the vaccine.

  8. Great video Rose and I totally agree with you, living here in the US blowing your wealth or a mortgage is not the American dream. Plus the weather blows unless I’m back home in San Diego which is too expensive, why I left. I’ve been considering Mexico (I’ve lived there before) and Asia. Quality of life, being happy, decent weather and saving a lot of money are important to me. Thanks again!

  9. Congrats Rose! It’s wonderful that you found an exciting place to “settle” down. I was shocked that you said you were kind of a home body but you can still be that and enjoy the outdoors too. 😉 I wish only the best for you and hope the things you seek you will find. 💯

  10. Rose, great to see you back and it sounds like you’ve made a great choice. All the best in this new adventure! Looking forward to hearing more about it going forward.

  11. I appreciate you sharing your experiences and trust me, I know that life in the USA is not all sunshine and roses. However, I cannot imagine myself living in Mexico. If I want to live in a different country, it would probably be somewhere in Europe. The social safety net is better there. Be safe and hope you find meaning and purpose there.

  12. Thank you for acknowledging your privilege! Puerto Rico has seen many Americans move in and skyrocket the cost of living for locals. Some Mexican cities have already experienced this and the locals have been forced to move elsewhere to find affordable housing. Anyways, good luck! I’m hoping to visit CDMX in September 🙂

  13. So happy to see you back and doing great! I was born in Mexico City so it’s so cool to hear your perspective on moving there! Can’t wait for more of your videos !

  14. Congratz Rose! It sounds like you’ve started a new adventure in your life…and you’re totally jazzed about it. Wish you the best! (From one of your students)

  15. I recall in one of your other vlogs about geoarbitrage–retirees who find it difficult to get by where they lived and move to a foreign country.
    Not saying you’re a retiree, but to go somewhere else where you can live (and not survive) is a good move for what you mentioned. Cheaper cost of living, less stress and close to home are all excellent reasons to begin a new life. And if things change moving back isn’t a problem. At least you gave it a chance.
    For me, I am retiring this year and moving to the Philippines. To prepare I made sure my passport is current, I opened up a Charles Schwab account (they don’t charge ATM fees when you’re in a foreign country) and I let go of things I couldn’t take with me that would hold me back.
    Keep us updated and enjoy the opportunities life has to offer.

  16. Would love to hear more about the home buying process in Mexico! Sounds like a wonderful place to settle down for awhile!

  17. Would love to hear how you feel about the overall safety in Mexico City and traveling as a solo female! Thank you!

  18. What’s the security situation like, do you feel safe? It was a high crime city when I visited in the 1990s. So many other factors – health care, tax, laws and human rights etc 🙂

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