Why I Choose Individual Stocks vs Passive Index Fund Investing (ETFs) – CANADA

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Today I'll talk about the choice to buy specific stocks vs ETF Index . Both techniques can be fantastic for the long-lasting however they align with different way of lives, so it has to do with finding what is finest for you!

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Introduction – 0:00
Understanding The Narrative – 2:39
Point # 1 – 11:30
Point # 2 – 13:01
Point # 3 – 14:11
Point # 4 – 15:46
Summary – 19:13
Outro – 28:45


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About Brandon Beavis:.

Brandon Beavis was one of the youngest advisors to end up being totally licensed here in Canada.

In 2013, Brandon officially started his market studies. For many years he has actually completed his CSC (Canadian Securities Course), CPH (Conduct & Practices Handbook), WME (Wealth Management Basics), 90-day Investment Advisor Training Program, participated in the Manulife Expert Advancement Workshop in Oakville, ON, and attended numerous industry workshops, conferences & occasions to help even more his learning.

At age 20, he ended up being a completely certified Investment Advisor, working for one of Canada's largest Financial investment Brokers, Manulife Securities. For 4 years, he worked along with an extremely experienced team at Beavis Wealth Management, focusing on High-Net-Worth Investing. He's had the opportunity to work under his Daddy, an advisor of over 25 years, and has actually dealt hands-on with customer portfolios, including; analyzing, structure, and managing multi-million-dollar client accounts.


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Why I Choose Individual Stocks vs Passive Index Fund Investing (ETFs) – CANADA

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    Do you do individual stocks or ETFS? Or a combination of both? Leave a comment down below!

  2. I’m still in the process of learning so initially I’m starting off with 3 ETFs, but as I go on it’s hard to not notice that there are plenty of good companies that outperform the market. With more and more experience and knowledge i plan to invest in individual stocks and maybe have an etf or two for diversification purposes.

  3. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re awesome. However, I do have some critiques of your arguments. You have, though, created a sort of fund. You’re just managing your own portfolio. It’s possible you’ll do well, but in terms of diversification, it seems like you’re taking on a lot of risk for potentially less reward that the S&P500. Ben Felix has videos speaking about individual stock picking. I agree that it’s nice to “support” a company by buying their stock, but you still own a stake with mutual funds. You’re just overweighting it. You also do have a vested interest in picking individual stocks, you advertised your course, which would have substantially less content if you just taught personal finance and then encouraged people to buy vanguard. 1-5-10 of your sticks may out perform like you said. But what about the other dozen stocks that don’t? You could make the same argument with buy 95% of the index and only picking stocks with about 5% of your portfolio and then you can outperform. Having “skills and knowledge” to buy stocks, assumes the market is inefficient and that you have information that isn’t already priced in. Your point around 18 minutes also assumes there’s an index fund bubble which has been proven incorrect multiple times, but it’s is definitely a good point that an index having 20% in Netflix or Tesla and then them dropping will drag down the index, but that’s why passive management is good because it removes the emotions and rebalances automatically as needed. I’ve only ever seen people lose money trying to pick stocks honestly, it is much more like gambling than investing as compared to index investing. Not in your case as you’re picking banks and railroads and stuff that’s already safe, but most people slam money into weed stocks and assume they’re going to the moon. That being said, I do think the math suggests, you will underperform the benchmark. I’d rather be a mediocre millionaire at 50 than broke at 50 because dumping my money into spec stocks didn’t pan out. Honestly, in my opinion as you said it you’re young. I’m also 27. It seems to me now would be the perfect time to dump everything into an index fund and take advantage of early compound interest before it’s too late.

    1. Use portfoliovisualizer and backtest. If you buy large cap blue chip stocks, they have very high probability they will remain strong after 20 or 30 years, and I don’t buy tech or OG individual stock. Compare idk. Fts, BCE, RY, CNR, BAM.A equal weight or whatever weight you prefer, backtest against XIC or XIU/HXT. Individual stock portfolio outperforms and I don’t see them broke in my lifetime.

    2. Agreed. I think Brandon’s vested interest in promoting individual stocks cannot be overstated. As soon as he pivots completely away from individual stocks then there goes the entire purpose of the Investing Academy and 90% of his YouTube content.
      I’m not saying that Brandon has bad intentions – I’m sure he believes in his methods sincerely.
      However the data just seems clear that index investing is the way to go

  4. I prefer individual stocks for companies in which I believe in for the long term and offer good stable dividends, but I prefer ETFs for the simpler management of the portfolio in a sector I might not be familiar with or just for broader exposure (ex. VOO which includes the entire S&P500)

  5. Very interesting thoughts and solid points! Personally I split my investing into 50% index funds, and 50% individual stocks, but that’s mostly because I consider myself to be a beginner in the stock market. Since I’m a noob it makes more sense to make sure at least half of my funds are guaranteed to grow over the years, but as I gain more experience, I will definitely start increasing the capital I use for my individual stock portfolio.

    I love how you say that picking stocks yourself is just fun because I feel like that hits the nail right on the spot. Being able to own a small part of a company you love is just great. You said if you knew for sure that you were going to underperform the market you would switch to index funds; I think even if I knew that for sure, I would still pick my own stocks because it’s just that fun. I think I read in a book a quote by Graham that went “the investor’s greatest pleasure in life is receiving dividends” and I feel like that captures this idea very well.

    Another thing you could’ve mentioned is that sometimes there are companies you just don’t want to be invested in. For example as a zoomer I feel pretty bad when I buy an index fund knowing that some of my money is going to the fossil fuels and non-renewable energy industry just because that’s something that my generation is very sensitive to. Being able to pick my own stocks is a way to make sure that the companies I invest into are socially and morally acceptable.

    Anyway very nice video and I’m glad you shared your thoughts on this topic 🙂

  6. Also! I really love what you’re doing with the investing academy and I wish you the best with it. From my experience, the Canadian school system has really failed its students when it comes to finance. I remember being in high school and “learning” about keeping a budget and putting money in a savings account every month and thinking “this is so lame”. I wish schools would teach young people about the stock market because I think it’s safe to say no one is going anywhere putting 10$ a month in a 0.5% saving account LOL

    so yeah it’s really good that you’re trying to build a place where this sort of stuff can be taught very easily 🙂

  7. I have just completed liquidating my parents estate which was all held in individual stocks. They owned no ETFs and it was all blue chip, banks, insurance, utilities as well as a few speculative stocks. I am now building my own portfolio and I have already purchased a number of individual stocks but because I am already in my 60s I choose to put more money into ETFs because of the reasons you outlined. I was self-employed my entire life so I have no pension and I really can’t afford to take chances with my money. I am very happy with a consistent and safe return. Also because there is so much deception and fraud with companies like Nortel, Enron and people like Bernie Madoff the funds make more sense because they are in diversified. Love your videos and keep up the good work.

  8. 90% individual stocks, 10% two Split corps that have 12 stocks (4 sectors) of Canadian companies. But the Canadian companies have global exposure without the withholding tax “drama.” Totally awesome, sit back and wait for the dividends to come in mostly every month with a few quarterly. 📈👍🇨🇦

  9. since im a newbie and there’s too many options (esp more good buys now with the ‘crash’), i buy etfs to see the top to create a mental shortlist, then evaluate that ones i find interesting and buy into the ones i like.

  10. I love how you own individual stocks been watching for 3 years and truly enjoy how you are a stock picker but you give great insights on how you pick individual stocks

  11. I’m a hybrid investor within a year from retirement. Individual Canadian dividend stocks to generate income and global etfs for growth and diversification. I love your passion!

  12. Very insightful, thank you for sharing! I wish I’d started investing in my youth, rather than just recently. It was an eye opener to realize how much I lost on mutual funds over the last 15 years compared to how much I could have made. It’s also kinda fun to look at my stocks going up / down almost daily, although I’ve been trying to follow the Canadian Couch Potato method the last couple years, it’s been very disconcerting to watch bonds plummet so much the last year or so, and am so glad I didn’t go with the higher percentage in it as my age would dictate to do. Now I’ve even split it a little to a sixth tier to put some of what would / should be bonds into gold stocks (etf) instead and watched that climb (though it may drop over the coming months and bounce back). Your investing strategy seems to avoid investing in commodities / bonds / precious metals as a protection, is there a reason for that (other than you being such a young ‘un)? Or do you have investments outside of your portfolios in case inflation brings does a serious hit on stocks?

  13. I do mostly ETF’s, especially because I want exposure to overseas markets. But right now I’m mostly cash because the macro economics are dire 😢

  14. I invest in index and individual stocks. I like the security of brainless diversification of index funds and it’s low cost but I agree with Brandon on individual stocks investing that with patience and experience there might be opportunities to gain bigger wins.

  15. Index investing appears to be the safest investment strategy for self-investors who lack the necessary expertise to make a good analysis of individual companies. Channels like this one can help educate individuals how to make good investment decisions on both index funds and individual company stocks.

  16. Fantastic video. Just recently began investing to get exposure to the market. Don’t have the time to research as much as I’d like to so I am happy I have chosen to go the etf route for now. Thank you for the always helpful information

  17. I am perfectly fine lossing money by myself. But I am not that satisfy when an actively manage fund or any other passive ETF is not performing well. Which I think a lot are at this stage. So I rather learn to make my own decision and just focus on my own taste.

  18. Almost 50, retired and just now opened my first TFSA. Thanks for the great videos to help get me started. Just started today with my first portfolio with 8 holdings…

  19. I get Brandon’s point. I also enjoy being able to manually select where my money goes. I invest in sector based ETF where I think will do good in the future. Like these days, energy is doing good that is why I went to buy XEG. Base metals also for EVs hence having XBM. I also like looking at my watchlist everyday.

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