Why did so many people lose money after huge stock gains?

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The marketplaces have actually crashed in 2022, but there were lots of gains leading up to the crash. When should you sell a stock? When should you take profits? How do you secure portfolio gains?


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Why did so many people lose money after huge stock gains?

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    The markets were red hot until the start of 2022. Yet so many investors have lost money during one of the best markets in many years, coming out of the Covid-19 correction. How does this happen? What can you do to avoid repeating the same mistakes?

  2. This past few days watching my crypto portfolio decline is very disheartening, Holding doesn’t really profits much, any idea on how to earn more better in the short run?

    1. @Bidden williams yep, purchase dividend paying stocks that pay monthly or quarterly.. Also Canadian banks , Enbridge , Bell, For a bit more yield

  3. During this market crash or bear market I often go back and forth, if I should be investing in the big tech companies while they are down (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon) or if it’s safer and better to just invest in VFV. I usually dollar cost average every week. Thoughts and opinions, and what everyone else is doing would be great!

    1. @Brandon B I’m buying zsp Wich is the BMO s&p 500 ETF along with some if the newly available CDRs that are hedged to cad dollar…ie Goog, PayPal, Sbux, Disney..I simply dollar cost average into these while they are down..

  4. Good video Marc. I’ve been a conservative dividend blue chip investor for 20+ years. I admit to taking smallish positions in a few tech/growth stocks and am down the 50-60% range on them in the last 2 years. I’m not selling at this point and if they don’t fully recover, it will be a visual reminder when I review my statement to be cautious when others are greedy.

  5. Marc…I really think it’s time you started your own channel!! You can still be a regular guest on Brandon’s but…time to branch out on your own. Take the step young man!

  6. Pick an asset class or two (an index, property, etc.) to DCA into infinity, focus on increasing income and/or make a business like The Investing Academy, and enjoy life.

  7. Watched and liked, thanks Marc! I do 80% dividend/covered call stocks/ETF’s, 10% small cap growth, 5% precious metals, and 5% crypto. My investment in MindMed really took off, but I’m sure glad I took profits when I did, and then diversified that into my 80% portfolio assets. Slow and steady wins the race, but if your small cap growth stocks really take off don’t forget to take some profits during the climb.

  8. Just a question about TD stocks, why are they down? I’m buying because I know they’ll come back, as it’s the second largest bank in Canada! But it’s so strange their stock is so low (as opposed to RBC). I’m buying a mix of Aristocrat blue chip stocks, and ETF’s, including Reits. They’re doing well, so I’m ok. I don’t like the tech stocks, glad I didn’t invest in them considering they lost so much in this down turn.

    1. Mortgage and debt exposure. The 5 major banks are having to put away cash for loan loss provisions. People who bought 5% down on a variable mortgage they could just qualify for are very at risk. I know they are cmhc insured so not sure the banks exposure, but a lot of people took out helocs, or maxed out libe of credits and are now unable to pay. Job losses coming up will make conditions worse.

  9. I had bank advisors rip me off over the years, getting their money while the portfolio didn’t get the benefit. I finally started taking the time to invest myself. I was a couch potato investor and stocks and bonds tanked explaining how the portfolio lost years of growth. I have been adjusting the mix, increasing the amount of blue chip dividend stocks as well as growth. If the consistent dividend is paid during downturns, I won’t have to sell shares at a loss. I think this is the best approach but time will tell.

    1. Yes, I had a very brief experience of a financial advisor not doing his job correctly and leaving me feel “less than’ when I came to him with cash to invest and wanting a discussion from what I was reading. I guess our experience was a sort of gift eh! It shifted us to learn on our own. I have done extremely well over the past 3 decades. I hope you have as well.

  10. Thanks Marc for the great info. IMO, when people first start to invest they use an investment advisor who usually tells them that the ups and downs are part of the market ( which they are) and to ride it out. Most of the advisors do not advise to monitor your portfolio closely enough to take advantage of those huge bull market runs and to sell when things are high. The tricky part is where you are in your investment time line. Many people like me where and are trying to retire, but the investment advice I received ( from 3 separate ones) was to buy into long term growth stocks & bonds at a 50/50 or 60/40 traditional retirement portfolio of making %5 growth and selling to pay for retirement. I looked at this and asked some very pointed questions and none of them had a good answer. I am glad I took the time to learn some investing strategies and now manage all of my own money. Partly as a result of you and your son. THANKS ! . I know have 75% in dividend paying etf’s, and the rest a mixture of bonds and growth etf’s ( these were purchase with the advisor) that I will hang on to til prices go back up. I am only down 8.2% and get monthly dividends. It looks like I can retire without having to sell anything. Retiring real soon. Take care and thanks for the great content !!!!!!!!!

  11. Could you make a video analysing various bond ETFs that have fallen down recently? My 2022 losses in stocks and bond ETFs are almost equal. This seems counter-intuitive because one of the reason to invest in bonds was to balance out the loss in stocks. Now I am reconsidering if I should invest in bonds going ahead or just buy a blue-chip dividend stock instead.

  12. Thank you for this very interesting and relevant video!

    “… The key though is that you would have had to manage that portfolio. You would’ve have had to trimmed or sold the position at a certain point…”

    That’s the problem for me. My investments are managed by someone else who knows a lot more about this than I do. The investments did really well during Covid but then came crashing down this year. Eventually we switched strategies and I’m reasonably pleased with the new result, but if I’d switched to the new strategy say five months earlier I’d have an extra hundred thousand dollars right now.

  13. Yes Marc, a moderate investor for 3 decades has really worked out well for me. Dividend paying stocks, and applying the Drip and putting in savings on a regular basis appears to be a solid, peace of mind strategy. “Slow and steady wins the race.” For sure I dappled a very small percentage in buying and selling using stockcharts indicators. Had fun with an investing amateur friend. But on the whole, looked for that income generated and Drip either auto or manual. Interesting about your point about the scale of losses to the scale of regain. Math is fascinating isn’t it👍

  14. Great video Marc… The advice you gave from the 6:40 mark forward was spot on IMO. Far too many have far too much invested in spec stocks, while not understanding or accepting that the spec names bring with them the potential for very very large losses. Everybody loves to talk about the 10-20 bagger to come, but few acknowledge all could be lost as well. Cheers to the good advice my friend…

  15. Investing is a self discovery journey. We all heard the story of hare and tortoise race but yet most (dare I said all) want to be a hare. As I get older, I see the value of blue chip investing. Lower risk and higher return.
    Best of all, despite taking some hit on stocks such as Google, I am in the black this year.

  16. This video is timeless! I believe the best time for investors to watch something like this is during a massive bull market. Even those that bought in at a peak, say the 2018 peak or the 2020 peak will notice, in time, that peak becomes history and the market is making a new peak. I consider myself very conservative in my investment style, with only 4% allocated to spec holding(s). I remember back in the day when I grabbed EXPE after the crash in early 09 and sold out early 2010 making a massive 300% gain or something and I thought the markets printed money. I then put those gains toward YELL and lost 70-80% in 6 months or so 🤣🤣 If I just continued to hold expe until today I’d still be up 1000% despite the massive sell off. To be a young and naive investor is extremely expensive 😒

  17. Thanks you mark always good advice personaly i sold all my invidual stocks exept for meta,baba and google and i’m only buying etf like now vfv,vdy,xeqt,xit,xuu,zqq over the long run i think i will do better then trying to beat the market i’m not better then anyone!

  18. I think with the huge influx of retail investors we had a situation of a lot of inexperienced investors do exactly what they shouldn’t be doing in response to the FUD/FOMO cycle. I have seen too many new investors buying at the top/hype then selling as markets are falling. I love the way you are presenting this and I hope folks are listening. You have been a great addition to Brandon’s channel!

  19. Good video again Marc. The stock market is not a “get in, get rich, get out ” market. A person should invest for the long term and research and hold good quality stocks.

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