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  1. So awesome to see the gang together 🙂 I love this and am so happy we were able to make this happen through the Blossom community 💖 You guys (and gals) all rock!

    1. Thanks Nick Fury for bringing us all together!
      “There was an idea… called the Avengers Initiative” 😎

    1. I’m a lucky man to have two homes 🇷🇴🇨🇦
      Thanks for the love and right back at you! 😁

  2. What an awesome team to be a part of! Thank you Blossom, Brandon and all of the other amazing creators!! More amazing stuff to come!

    1. Great show though the best part may have been finally putting a face to the name I have been misspelling for a very long time ha ha! Nice to see you Ryley!

  3. The collab that needed to happen , can’t wait to do more 👀 Thanks for hosting this Brandon , this was so much fun !! 🎉

  4. CANADIANS!!!! …… Assemble… 😎🇨🇦
    Brandon thank you so much for hosting us, it was a total BLAST and I can’t wait for the sequel! 🔥
    It’s not easy to manage 9 people who literally talk for a living so you did a great job at keeping the discussion on track 🙌
    To all my new friends, it was a pleasure meeting you and sharing ideas with you and I can’t wait to do more collabs like this soon! 😁

  5. Wow, that’s like a dream come true. I follow most of you… Niiiiiice!!! When will we get a Quebecer trader on YouTube? Keep on going guys, you’re a useful and fun bunch!!!

  6. Shoutout to all the content creators involved in this collaboration! You all are providing so much value to everyone. Wishing you all continued success. This is amazing.

  7. I think we need to assign Avengers to each person, here’s my breakdown 😀:

    Brandon Beavis —> Iron Man
    CanadianTshirt —> Captain Canada
    Dan (Stocktrades) —> Thor
    Adrian (PII) —> The Hulk
    Robin Haney —> Spider-Man
    Bilaal —> Black Panther
    Ryley —> Hawkeye
    MoneywithCass —> Captain Marvel
    Humbled Trader —> Wanda Vision


  8. Thank you for introducing these Canadian investing youtubers. Some of the names are new to me. Dan @ Stocktrades’ investing style really resonates with me. Just subscribed to his channel.

    If there’s an episode 2, would love to see the following youtubers interviewed: MooreMoney, DanielPronk, and Passive Income Investor (not to be confused with Passive Income Investing).

  9. Thanks for doing this. I watch all of these YouTubers and have learned a lot. What a great collab. Would love to see more moving forward.

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