Vanlife Vlog | LA, Festivals, Why I Changed My Channel Name

Come socialize with me in my campervan for a heart-to-heart chat about life/career/money, enjoyable times in LA, and a music celebration called Lightning In A Bottle.


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Vanlife Vlog | LA, Festivals, Why I Changed My Channel Name

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  1. I want to thank you for all the help you have given myself an others on your very well explained video’s. This video is also a very good one it shows how down to earth you are an i admire that in a person Respectfully Barry .

  2. When I graduated with accounting and laid off from covid 3 months later. I realized how much I hated the work. You were one of the channels that let me see a better future even if I make less now. I made ok money for a while in my new job. Now I’m taking a chance by being a part of a new business and being their first employee not family related. Good luck on your journey Rose!

  3. i hadn’t noticed the name change but I’m totally sticking around.
    Van life isn’t for me but props to you for doing what you love and I’ll enjoy the journey.

  4. yes the old “hamster wheel” stuck in a rut phase. where u get so used to the daily grind u forget what ur original reason for the grind was. awesome u hopped off the wheel and put the grind to a halt to enjoy your life and accomplishments. 😁😘

  5. love this raw, unfiltered side of you rose! you definitely feel like the greatest virtual bestie 😁 this was so comforting to watch, you look so happy & content so that in itself is thrilling. can’t wait to see where your journey goes and so glad you’re taking us along for the ride 🫶💞

  6. Yeah, definitely a vlog channel now. Takes 8 minutes to get to the topic of the video unlike everything else on the channel so far.

  7. We may not know each other but I also feel like asians, or people in general, need to say more of this. Rose, im so proud of you for all the goals you have accomplished. Please please allow yourself to take the time to take a step back and really appreciate and absorb everything you have and of course enjoy YOUR life because you worked so hard for so long. Do what excites !

  8. I loved your “Investing with Rose” chapter and I’m sure I will love this new venture just the same! ☺️💗

  9. Wish you the best. Gonna miss investingwithrose. I always look forward to Wednesday. You have a gift of teaching and your knowledge has helped a lot of people.

  10. Love the “pivot” and the new concept! As one said below, “…you look so happy & content so that in itself is thrilling. can’t wait to see where your journey goes and so glad you’re taking us along for the ride!” I could not agree more! Thanks Rose!

  11. Jupiter was hilarious in this vlog. From launching himself from the floor of your van to attack the vacuum hose, to him digging in the beach and sticking his head in the hole. What a fun dog!

  12. It’s cool how the new vlog style content sort of demonstrates how free and happy you can feel if you made it through the financial journey of “Investing with Rose”. This is like the sequel!

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