US Inflation, Microsoft Blizzard, Toyota Batteries, Nordstrom, WestJet Swoop – Market News

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US Inflation, Microsoft Blizzard, Toyota Batteries, Nordstrom, WestJet Swoop – Market News

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  1. Good recap. Just one small point. At the end of your video, you have 3 areas that should have graphics but are appearing blank

    1. Thanks for letting us know, and thanks for watching to the end! We’ll get that fixed up. – Marc

  2. Great episode Marc👍👍👍 something that comes to mind when you mention Swoop airline,is the inevitable slap to budget consumers. Westjet absorbing swoop back into westjet is just a huge loss (in my opinion) to Canadian travelers. Less competition is just no good. But hey! Pilots will be fat and happy and who can object to that!?! Not entirely sarcasm,but we all know what’s going to happen to ticket prices now.
    I actually hold Toyota in my nest egg for many years now,and I’m excited by what they’re doing. Toyota really does it right more than wrong!

  3. I love this. The news you’re sharing seems so relevant to what we need and in line with this channel.

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