TWO STOCKS, only one can win | STOCK BATTLES RETURNS! Vote for your favourite.

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Let's discuss developing a million dollar TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account) in Canada! You may be wondering what the TFSA is? How the TFSA works? What the contribution limitations are? I'll share my exact strategies (with numbers) and how I prepare to invest within this account, including the best to buy to hit this objective!


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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. omg I was just watching one of these yesterday! the one with thomson reuters and brookfield asset management! love these 🙂 so fun to see our little sister growing up too! thanks for sharing you guys!

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investing just finished watching! I’ve never really considered REITs as part of my investment portfolio but i love how you always pick stocks that get me out of my comfort zone! i’ll be thinking about this one to see if it fits my criterias for investing 🤔

  2. I recently bought one share of Nike just to finally own a share of one of the coolest companies of our generation. I will buy more if it drops under $80.

  3. Marc, its a no brainer, You Win my friend! You get paid while you wait with the divvy and it is diversified. Diversification is King (Queen)…..Nice to see the two of you in one room on your visit Brandon. Cheers from Atlantic East Canada.

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investing Always look forward to your presentations Marc. Since you touched on ETF’s, I have to admit they are a smart way to get a steady tax efficient dividend and be able to sleep at night. Looking at one you featured, HDIF. LOVE those ETF’s and thanks again for doing a vid on taxation treatment in cash accounts, TFSA and RRSP’s when it comes to purchasing ETF’s or Split corps that have USA and Canadian exposure. You have the gift of effective presentation skills Marc. Cheers from Atlantic East Canada

  4. I’m with Brandon for sneaker you got to go with Nike (yeah New Balance feels old to me to). I love wearing my Nike. For the battle I ‘m with Marc. I started a small position last week when the market went down. Nike is on my watchlist for sure.

  5. Thanks for the video! I own both, considering where I add more, nike or O. The video sure comes handy!. When we will have an update on your two portfolio? will be very interesting to see an update after all this hard times.

  6. Brandon and I had the same reaction as soon as Mark said “325%” 😂

    As much as a trust Mark, I’m a millennial and gonna have to give my vote to Nike ✔️😁

    1. Thanks, Wayne. Yes, we’ll do a portfolio update when we have the opportunity. Cheers. – Marc

  7. I have 2 kids in their mid to late 30s, and ever since they were pre teens they refused to wear nike footwear or clothing because of the sweatshop stories (proven true over and over). As a proud mom, I cannot bring myself to hold stock in a company I find distasteful and shameful. Ethical investing for me.

  8. “O”‘ is my pick for this battle. The timing seam better than Nike for this type of stock. Great video, thanks!

  9. Good call on the O. I’ve been buying ZWU on the TSX. If the market melts down further I’ll definitely consider buying O for an initial position.

  10. I’m with dad on this one, especially because of the times we are in.
    So O is the way to go for me as well even though Nike is a good one too .

  11. These videos are so much fun! I’m going to add them to my watchlist, I definitely like both but O wins for me. Enjoy your family time!

  12. That’s a tough call between the two. Consumer discretionary has been hammered, but NKE was very overvalued. O is a steady Eddy, with dividend increases and share appreciate as it grows it’s portfolio. I have to go with TR, and that’s NKE and I see it continuing moving forward. O has a solid return too, but not 400% over the past 10 years. The 50% pullback put it back to a buy range though it still isn’t “cheap”. I agree that NKE has a good brand and moat. They know how to acquire brand ambassadors early.

  13. My vote goes to Nike. I’m gonna have to look into that one 😎
    But I’ve got another idea… you know how they’ll set up a dog with two bowls of dog food but each bowl represents a sports team and the bowl the dog goes to represents that dogs “pick” as to who will win the game?
    Let’s have an “Ava” pick where you set Ava up on the floor in front of two items… and the one she crawls to represents her stock vote.

    1. Oh god… we’ll definitely have to use the Ava method of stock selection next time we’re all together. I do have a dart board, but no monkeys, so that will have to work. 😆- Marc

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