Top Stocks To Own For The Long Term

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Top Stocks To Own For The Long Term

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. 1. Amazon (safe long term)
    2. Google (safe long term)
    3. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (mid/risk)
    4. TD (safe for now atleast)
    5. Johnson & Johnson (safe)
    6. Tesla (riskier long term)

    Honourable Mentions
    GM/ Ford/ Honda

    My Personal Picks;
    TD (safe for now)
    Manulife (slept on, but I believe this is a long term hold)
    Google (safe long term)
    Amazon (safe long term)
    Palantir (bigger risk long term)

  2. Another great video. Would love to see a “how to buy” video on these American Companies. Do you buy in US dollars? Do you buy them in a TFSA, RRSP or in a non registered account?

    1. Hey Joe, it’s best to buy American stocks in your RRSP to avoid the 15% withholding tax. If you want to save the money on the exchange rate too look up something called Norbit’s Gambit.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 his shirt is fully soaked in sweat by the end we just can’t tell on camera

  3. Great video! Yes part2 please! TD, Googl and amazon are some of my biggest holdings, brkb and jnj I have small positions waiting to be increased. The only one I dont see clear on this list is tesla, sure I see the potential, but not sure if has enough track record to be considered a hold forever stock yet.

  4. Thanks. Like the long term picks/thinking. Looking for stocks for my kids in their 20’s to purchase.

  5. Surprised no mentioned of Apple here. I’d say the valuation is kinda nuts right now, but its market dominance and brand loyalty is undeniable.

  6. BCE, tried and true, got them via my employment 28 years ago via each pay cheque at the time. Did not have many at the time. When I changed my employment after 2 years at bell I kept them, and they kept on growing with a Drip program dividend reinvestment program. I am still holding them and over time they have grown by 5 times.

  7. Hey, Brandon. Can you please do the time dividers? I really liked that so I can skip ahead and see what you picked. Thanks

  8. My – 5 – picks : Royal Bank / Hydro One / CNR / WCN / TMX (Growth oriented) – compounded approach – canadian dividend tax credit – that’s how I’ll spend my lottery winnings 😅

  9. Thanks Marc and Brandon! Another good video! I always appreciate when you guys share your knowledge and opinions with us. I have been watching you guys on this channel for a couple of years now and I look forward to more from you guys. Part 2 would be nice.

    My top picks:

    Td Bank
    Canadian Nation Railway

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investing I had to throw Bitcoin in there as my high risk high reward play. Also, considering the fact that the younger generation is heavy into crypto and it seems to be growing and becoming more widespread and adopted worldwide. I personally think Crypto and Bitcoin specifically have a lot more room to grow in the future. One more thing I like about Bitcoin is there can only be 21 million Bitcoins in existence, so as the demand goes up the price will increase significantly because the supply won’t increase. What is your opinion on Bitcoin and or the crypto industry?

  10. I don’t own many stocks but I actually own all of these, along with AMT, Apple, CSU and index funds. Great show thx.

  11. These are my top picks!

    Apple, Microsoft, Tesla
    Costco, Pepsi, Coke
    TD bank, Royal Bank
    Amazon, Berkshire and LVMH

  12. Great video! I agree with Berkshire Hathaway. It’s why I hold them in my concentrated 5 stocks portfolio.

    1. He’s getting old though… are we not concerned if he passes the stock tanks since he’s the face of it?

  13. Looks Like ATD reported a blow out quarter this morning. Just recently bought it thanks to your channel after spending some time hesitating. I decided to reduce my exposure to Canadian banks and buy a few things including ATD instead. Hoping for a nice pop today when the markets open.

  14. Do enjoy the stock battles and long term style picks. The comment section allows us to play along with you all. Long term picks to play along would be : Alimentation Couche-Tard ( TSX : ATD ) / Waste Management ( US : WM ) and finally Visa ( US : V ). Good luck and have fun !! PS : part 2 oui

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