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Let's discuss the 2 stocks that I've personally been buying the most over the previous bit! Toronto Dominion Bank (TD.TO) is my second largest position and is a Canadian dividend development stock that I've been loving! Second is Meta/Facebook (META) trading at a cost range that I think it too difficult to miss on. In this video, I'll share why I've personally been purchasing these stocks.


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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. LOVE the Canadian Banks. I have Td as well and bought during pandemic at 56 dollars! Yup! 56 dollars! I have BMO and BNS as well to get diversification because each one does business outside of Canada. What I have had for over 10 yrs is a basket of ALL the banks is DFN with a constant 10 cents per share and taxation has preferential tax treatment with eligible dividends. I have PDF as well, similar to DFN. Both these investment vehicles have a good diversification of not only banks but insurance companies, some energy and the telcos. Both have a great dividend. Anyway, you just can’t go wrong with owning Canadian banks and keeping things as diversified in ones portfolio. Of course, I am a passive income investor and have been for a few decades, so only dividend paying companies or split corps or cover call ETF’s with dividends no lower than 4% but mostly what I own generates a yield of over 7%. Happy investing but I am waiting another pullback to buy more RS, HDIV, Eit.un, and GDV, . Picking away at each when indicators on stock charts show that they are over sold, and the price falls within the “area of value” ready for a partial purchase. Happy nibbling away at your favourite stocks everyone!📈$📉 and remember, 😉”If you are not making enough money while you are sleeping you will be working until you die! “😐

  2. Nice buys! I’ve personally been buying BMO and CIBC; with more and more brokers going the commission free route, I think CDRs and ETFs are going to get more and more popular among retail investors (i’m also betting on the number of retail investors growing as financial literacy grows thanks to people like you who give out free valuable information on how to start investing) as well as Starbucks on the US side just because I think it’s a very strong company that still has much room for growth (less in the US, but especially in the rest of the world)! 🙂

  3. TD is my highest conviction bank in Canada as well Brandon. I sold out of almost all my position at the end of February after it was coming off it’s all time highs and I did the same with CM as a RE heavy bank. I cycled the funds into PPL and CPX. I’m starting to slowly building out my position in my TFSA again in June with reinvested dividends. I was wanting to do the same in my taxable accounts to boost my dividends but the capital gains would have made it risky.

    1. @Unnecessary for a number of reasons really… Here are five big ones 1) TD has the biggest moat 2) TD had has the largest AUM 3) TD is the most diversified geographically and in revenue streams 4) 5 yrs DGR is 7.9%, highest off the 5 with only NA close to that rate 5) TD has the most clients of the banks
      I’ve got a total return from my first ever purchase of over 600% with a CAGR averaging over 11% in about 17.5 years
      Ive owned all 5 at one point or another with exception to NA. Bmo, ry, bns and cm have all had similar returns since 04 and similar DGR . I think each bank brings something different to the table, but TD has won out so far for me and keeps on doing it

    2. @Unnecessary in banking, branches, ATMs and clients take time and money to create a solid network. TD and RY are much bigger than the other 3. You can check in their annual reports to see the statistic about the big five and how TD is serving more clients at 23 million. They also serve 14 million in Canada alone. RY has only 17 million total. It’s easier to upsell clients than acquire new ones. That’s where my opinion comes from.

    1. Well everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows about Facebook’s history. Take Cambridge Analytica for example.

      And yes, I agree that big tech companies do this but according to me no one spies on your more than Meta and Amazon. Yes Google is not a saint as well and lately neither is Apple.

      But the reason I am not a fan of META is their whole business model is about data. The only innovation that they do is how to collect better and more data. Any good product that they have (like Oculus) is just bought stuffs. It’s not them who have innovated.

    2. Meta will be okay, but I personally don’t see them succeeding too well with their whole investment in metverse (that’s only my speculation).

  4. Don’t listen to the haters. Content regarding stocks, even if you don’t own them will always be appreciated. It’s a good way to get information especially with decent details regarding P/E ratio CAGR and what not. Thanks

  5. Hi Brandon. Thank you for the content! Been buying GFL (on the TSX) throughout 2022. Wondering if you have any thoughts on that company. Thank you!

  6. Thoughts on MFC Brandon? I know you’ve touched on it in the past and so have others. Still an attractive yield and I’ve been adding some.

  7. I dont like META, Facebook/Meta/Zucherberg have a bad reputation, this is something a balance sheet cannot fix.

  8. I prefer BNS to TD but hold both, meta im not so sure about it! the rate of adoption of new things and the fact they are not able to keep growing as fast.

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