This Portfolio Is CRASHING | Here is exactly what I would do!

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Thanks to this customer who offered to have their portfolio broken down for the audiences advantage. I'll share my thoughts about what I would carry out in a circumstance like this and hopefully educate the customers on how I repair a portfolio to invest for the long-term:-RRB-.


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This Portfolio Is CRASHING | Here is exactly what I would do!

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤

    Just about to hit the sack here in Taiwan at 10:15pm… I know the day is just getting started for you folks back home – markets are open! Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the video 😀

  2. Drove delivery was the 1st stock i bought when i was new cuz i saw it was like 60 cents haha. still have a bunch of GRN, think in a few years time they will be a good hold….i hope haha

    1. Drone Delivery Canada $FLT was massively overpriced (and is still slightly overpriced) due to the hype of drones in Ukraine, I haven’t made a video on them yet but I have made a video on their larger cousin Draganfly Drones $DPRO and they only make my watchlist for “good opportunity but too pricey given the risk”. If you’re going to invest in penny stocks find some good sources of info and avoid the hype. Cheers.

  3. The Canadian version of VOO is VFV. If I could suggest a simple 4 etf portfolio with minimal volatility, better diversification, and no currency issues, it would be VFV & ZLU for his US holdings ( RRSP) and ZLB & VDY for his Canadian holdings (TFSA) If he wants to incorporate some bonds, possibly add some VAB. If he really wants a one stop portfolio with no rebalancing, low fees & global diversification in stocks & bonds, just buy the VGRO and call it a day.

  4. This would make for a great series! I’d also suggest, the way you made diversification suggestions, maybe you can also add alternative suggestions for the funds you’d switch out ie) instead of VOO maybe a swap it out for a VFV/VSP, etc.

  5. Interesting…looking forward to Marc’s take on this portfolio
    Are US dividend stocks better in a TFSA or RRSP ..thank you

    1. all else equal… RRSP deb! Retirement accounts (RRSP) have a special tax treaty agreement for US dividend stocks whereas the TFSA does not

  6. I hope you consider doing this into a series. It’s interesting to your take and what other people’s portfolio looks like in US/CAN

  7. Seems I relate to that kind of portfolio.When I started out as a trader,picking penny stocks,should have a price target up and down.Have time to look the market.

  8. Hi Brandon! Good video, I would be happy to send you a summary of my portfolio and get your opinion on it if you have time =)

  9. Shoot i did the same thing with VOO…didn’t know I could do a canadian based version. Should I sell VOO and buy the canadian version or keep what i have in there (probably around $1000 or more) and just start buying the canadian one?

  10. Bitcoin etfs allow you to capture the upside in a registered account saving tax, yes you loose personal custody but the if you believe in it why would you want to have 50% subject to whatever tax rate you end up being in. In the end its up to you and what you want out of the investment

  11. Great video! How would you go about changing ETF let’s say from XSP to VFV if you’re presently at a loss?

    Would you wait it out then switch or take the loss especially with the low prices?

  12. Hey Brandon, if you are considering making this into a series and want another portfolio from a different demographic (22 years old) to case study I would be willing to compile some data for you. Thanks

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