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    1. Great tips, Generally diversification is a kind factor Don’t put your eggs in one basket. pragmatically I have been into all of this for some time,though I won’t say I have made or lost some fortune. Do you mind recommending a firm whose platform has diverse investing choices? Quite rare I anticipate your response.

    2. Funny enough I can honestly relate. I don’t know if I have permission to drop this here ,do a check on indextrade the are good at what the do.

    1. It’s probably better to pay off your loans, especially if they are high interest loans like credit cards. Start investing once the loans are out of the way. Unless it’s a long term loan like a mortgage.

  1. Brandon I just love the analogy!!! It made me start thinking of all the video games that taught me financials like aerobiz, simcity, and simhotel and the like. I don’t suggest you get into whiteboard animation though 😜

  2. Shouldn’t we be basically fully invested already? I mean, I don’t have tons of cash just sitting here waiting to time the market.

  3. Brandon…what would you say to a someone who just retired on a dividend portfolio they built from a windfall over the past year…planning to live 100% off the dividends with no more cash to invest and now market value of portfolio has dropped 10%? The “buy more on the dip over many years or decades” is not and option to this person.

    1. This wouldn’t apply if you’re no longer adding to your portfolio! Just collect the income 😅

  4. Great analogy of the “red balls”…hard not to relate after going through the September markets.

  5. The whole theory of money is basically built around investing and saving but I’ll rather have the formal in play than the later simply because of it’s ability to yield more interest in growth than the nickels the banks gives as interest for saving.

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