The Results are In: Our Second YouTube Channel Decision

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We asked you: Must we start a 2nd YouTube channel focused on Retirement Issues, or stay with a one-stop-shop with this channel. Your responses surprised us. This is our Choice.


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The Results are In: Our Second YouTube Channel Decision

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  1. Good choice guys. It would have been too confusing to have two channels as I like tuning in and watching you both work together and also doing solo videos on the same channel is great. Keep doing what works.

  2. Great decision to stay together! I am 33 and love to listen to both of you guys. Even though I am nowhere close to retirement I find it beneficial to hear about things that will be coming several years down the road. You guys appear to have a great relationship with each other and it is great you can share this journey together and impart your vast knowledge to Canadian investors!

  3. Awesome guys! I just feel that the channel is so much better because we have the two of you in it, glad to see that you guys will continue pumping the content together!

  4. I am a female close to retirement and I enjoy all the content from both of you and looking forward for more retirement content! And I feel I am watching a family investing channel whenever you are together! Great decision!

  5. Good news! 🎉 You both seem really happy with the decision, and so are we! Looking forward to your content, especially in these crazy times. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, and especially for having the most liked comment from the 1st video! Well done. – Marc

  6. Content aside, the other benefit for staying together is it’s actually better for YOU. If either of you need to take a break, being able to cover for each other as life goes through different seasons is possibly the most important thing of all. Many Youtubers get burnt out and take extended breaks, so a team approach is very smart.

  7. I appreciated the comments about psychological impact of retiring. I’m at that age and that’s the struggle I am having. Being able to do something when retired is important for mind, body, and soul. Feeling a part of society and appreciated by the younger generation is gratifying. Using skills to educate and share your knowledge helps us all. I look forward to investing in retirement. I am a senior woman.

  8. Great News! I’m 33 from Ontario and I’ve been watching since I started investing about a year ago. I really like the idea of keeping just one channel because it’s nice to hear 2 different perspectives at the same time on investing strategies and the stocks each of you like/dislike and the reasons why. I especially enjoyed when you guys built up a portfolio from scratch and took us along for the journey! Keep up the great work!

  9. I think Marc’s idea to do more case-study leaning videos would be a very welcome addition!! Ones where he can for example address viewer’s concerns/questions about getting a late start on retirement savings, managing retirements with very little or no personal savings, etc.

  10. Awesome news that Marc will be staying with the channel and adding retirement/planning focussed content to the mix!

  11. I am only a few months away from retirement and have been watching everything retirement for two+ years. The psychology of retirement is a huge hurdle I was not prepared to deal with. Looking back, the saving/investing part was much easier! I will love your channel even more😊

    1. Thanks, Maxine. You’re so right about the psychology. I look forward to speaking on this in upcoming videos – Marc

  12. Glad to hear that you’ll continue to do some joint videos! It’s a great dynamic that makes us feel like a part of your family. One request I have for upcoming topics: As a single mid-40’s resident of Toronto, I find that I am totally priced out of the real estate market, and while I save and invest a significant amount of income on top of a pension, I am finding that most retirement planning assumes the ownership of property. I would really be interested in some retirement planning type videos for people who may not ever be able to purchase real estate because they live in a very expensive city. Buying a studio condo for over 600K just doesn’t seem like a good idea, and I’m interested in some debt-free options for planning my financial future without real estate as a foundational investment. I also don’t think that I’m alone in this dilemma; I know many people who are completely priced out, and it’s a bit daunting. Thanks!

  13. Oh! I’m so glad you stick together! I’m almost 60 and my kids are Brandon’s age , so I double benefit from your informative videos. I’m very late to investing, but listening to experts’ opinions regarding finances is always beneficial. Can’t thank you enough, you guys!

  14. Im glad you are staying together. Not only do i enjoy the family dynamic of when both of you are in the videos, but being closer to retirement age, i am really looking forward to more content to retirement along with Brandons finds!

  15. This is great to hear for you guys to keep the channel together. Also, I’m please to see that you will have female topics about money, us women can really use your advise. Thank you again for all you do for the community!

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