The EXACT Portfolio I’d Build As A BEGINNER Investor In 2024

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Today I'll cover the best portfolio build for novices utilizing ETFs/Index Funds in Canada!


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The EXACT Portfolio I’d Build As A BEGINNER Investor In 2024

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. You’ve been investing for 20 yrs .. you look like you are 20 years old! lol
    Of course you learned from your dad & now you can teach us!

  2. if youre a beginner just buy SP500 etf and if youre interested start learning about stocks – dont do it the other way around or you have a good chance of getting burned – if you dont want to research stocks then just keep buying SP500 every month (or few months) till you retire and you will do very well. be careful buying too much TSX as it has vastly underpeformed the SP500 over last 100 years

  3. Hey Brandon, thanks for the video. I just started an approach with my wife, for her, who is not so interested in the stock market. I have penned about 50% to VFV, 30% to HXQ, 15% VCN and the remaining 5% in HAZ, TLF and VDY. going for growth as we’re early 30’s. Tlf I found has strong history so might be worth a look? Please comment if you have any insight. Cheers

    1. I’ve personally never considered TLF but I’ll take a look!! The allocation you’ve listen looks awesome 👍🏻 looks like you guys are on the right path

  4. Great video Brandon. I’m 22 and just started 2 months ago. I still have a lot in my timeline so right now, I went all in with ZSP (S&P 500 ETF). So far so good I guess, I am now up 4% on my capital.

  5. Index type funds are the way to go. VFV is great, othwise just get XEQT or ZEQT and have the whole world. Yes i find those funds have too much on Canada, but that’s the home bias of these funds. I have ZEQT in my portfolio and it is performing amazingly well…super easy..just buy and go.

  6. I personally like TGRO. They tweaked their structure so it’s passive and expense ratio is 0.15, lower than XEQT’s 0.20. The downside is it has 10% bond and no emerging market. On my RRSP, I have 100% ITOT, and in all other accounts, I am 100% TGRO.

  7. Great video Brandon! I agree with this approach as a whole and I think many new investors can benefit from it. You may know I am huge fan of XEQT 😁 which interestingly has a lot of similarities to your approach (i.e. approximately 45% exposure to US, 25% to Canada, 25% international, and 5% emerging markets). I am not investing in bonds, given that I have a DB pension in retirement which could act as a bond portion for my future early retirement plans. Happy investing man.

  8. im thinking of putting 40% SCHD 40% XUS and 20% VGT in my FHSA and 60% SCHD and 40% VGT in my TFSA. I am a beginner canadian investor targeting etfs. thoughtsÉ

    1. You should watch Canadian In A T shirts video on VOO vs VFV! Might give you some good info about the US-listed funds and where to hold them 👍🏻

  9. Great Vidéo ! Personnaly, Horizon is my favorite however they typically have Slightly higher fees, they worth it.

  10. I’m homeless, did drugs went into prison, where got to know God. Changed my life. Now have a home, a wife and a lovely year dauther (Tracy), and a stream of income that gets me $27,000 weekly. Plus a new identity a child of God….

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