The BEST TD Travel Credit Card – TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa (I WAS WRONG)

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Let's speak about the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Charge Card. In my viewpoint, the best TD travel charge card for canadians!


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The BEST TD Travel Credit Card – TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa (I WAS WRONG)

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. I would check out the Prince of Travel YouTube channel and website for that. Ricky is more knowledgeable on credit cards and its perks.

  1. Thanks for the video brandon, I’ve got the first class travel one and I’ll probably make the switch now as I wasn’t quite sure which one was better.

  2. Yes, when you did that last video I disagreed with you and I have had the infinite card for years. The free 1st baggage, if you do 2-4 trips a year, with what they charge for baggage fees, MORE than pays for the yearly credit card fee. Recently, re: aeroplan points, I have noticed few places on the aeroplan program, like Esso gas and Homehardware store. These were two of my go to places so now it takes longer to collect enough points.
    The 7,500 spent to get all those extra points is also a wonderful feature. Thank you for being upfront and honest. Glad the community checked in with you and reached out to give you the right info. Cheers from Eastern Canada.

  3. never liked any point system or portal/reward/coupon book system for credit cards as you said before in one of your videos its hard to compare the dollar value had the cash back infinite card but excited for the new AMEX PERFERED cash back card update ccming soon which is 4% gas and groceries and 2% everything else, best in the game right now imo

  4. I’ve had this card for a year, and it works well for me. Though with the travel chaos lately my family went carry-on only for a trip 2 weeks ago because we were afraid that any free checked bags would just get lost.

  5. This TD add was brought to you by…….. If you actually travel allot and crunch the numbers you will find AMEX Business Platinum ALWAYS comes on top.
    Even when you redeme your points. Have you seen a TD Lounge? No. An AMEX lounge is like a home.
    This is an add push for sure sorry. I travel allot and I tried to swit h from AMEX, and no one even came close in perks.

  6. I’ve held this card for a while and have been happy with it. Worth mentioning again that the annual fee can be waived indefinitely if you have the TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan, which is $30/mo or rebated so long as your account balance is always minimum $5,000.

  7. Brandon, it would be appropriate for you to declare a promotion as a promotion rather than disguise it as a video.

    There’s nothing wrong with promoting but you owe it to your subscribers to be open and honest about it.

  8. TD is good, scotiabank visa passport is better; scene is now partnered with sobeys. I like HSBC Premier good benefits

  9. Can you also share best starter credit card for students (immigrants who are just starting their credit journey in Canada )

  10. Buyer beware aeroplan is changing their redemption rates sept 1. Yes the rates to sign up for year 1 on card are good but it’s also with their intentions to bait you in. History of aeroplan is always changing their points redemption unfortunately

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