Stock Market Warning: These Signals Indicate a Potential Downturn

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Are you stressed over the state of the stock markets? In this video, I'll explain why some indicators are pointing to a possible decline. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced financier, this video will help you make informed choices and prevent typical errors.

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Disclaimer: The views and viewpoints shared on this channel are for informative and instructional functions only. Although formerly certified, the factors are no longer industry participants and are not accredited to supply financial suggestions. They strive to supply you with educational information in an entertaining way. Always do your own research study and due diligence before investing. Generally speaking, you ought to consult a certified financial investment professional before investing.

Stock Market Warning: These Signals Indicate a Potential Downturn

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤

    Are you worried about the state of the stock markets? In this video, I’ll explain why some indicators are pointing to a possible downturn. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, this video will help you make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes.

  2. Amazing insights Marc. I really love your videos.
    It’s funny, I’m just getting my kids set up this week with a TFSA. They’ve each funded $1000 and are ready to start. I got my youngest to invest in VFV and XIC to start. My oldest hasn’t bought yet and I’m wondering if maybe she should hold off for a bit? But also the Investing Academy has taught me that you can’t time the market, time in the market beats timing the market, dollar cost averaging buying the highs and lows all tell me that they should just start.

    1. Thanks for your support, as always. In the case of your children, for sure I’d say get the ball rolling, and because of the massive runway in front of them I’d say getting invested is the most important thing. I also assume in this answer that there will be more cash going into the TFSAs on a relatively regular basis in the future, so even a correction won’t hurt them much longer term. 👍

  3. I did a major de-risking of certain portfolios in early-mid September. I put all of the money that I will need in the next two years into high interest savings and money market funds. This includes kids tuition from the RESP, and house savings within the TFSA (we plan to downsize our house in two years, but to a new house in a better town that will have higher upfront costs but MUCH lower maintenance and utility costs.) For my retirement savings it is all steady as she goes. That is a long term investment, so I can ride out near term volatility. If the market tanks then I will just keeps buying.

    1. 👍Why is the up front cost high if down sizing? Why not invest that as well? Are there really low utility cost places?

    2. sounds like you are canadian? GIC rates are nearing 5.5% for a 5 year term which is pretty incredible as a fixed investment

  4. I’ve been waiting for this video. I appreciate you providing a bigger picture and reflecting on what has happened in the past. I also like how we got more of your opinion in this video compared to others where it is more so just stating facts!

  5. Thanks Marc, I really appreciate your insight. Its always interesting to see your opinion.

    My concern is the Canadian economy. The American economy has shown surprising resilience to the interest rate hikes (for now). However, the Canadian economy is contracting quicker. I live in Canada and we may be in for a rough ride. If Tiff Macklem cuts interest rates before Powell at the federal reserve, wouldnt that devalue our currency? That could cause massive inflation to our economy, but I dont know how many more punches the Canadian economy can take.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the GDP numbers in the near future. That should give us a clue moving forward.

    1. Thanks for an insightful comment. It would be pretty bold if Macklem did as you suggest, and he’d have to have pretty strong data points to make that move, but you never know. I’m in the camp that does honestly believe that we can handle pretty much anything that’s thrown at us, but no doubt there will be pain along the way. But, I guess that’s part of this ride.

  6. Given these potential market conditions I would be interested in hearing how you would structure your portfolio in perhaps another video, I love these market updates Marc Thanks

  7. Mark, I personally agree with your assessment and I’m looking to adjust my portfolio accordingly, could you post a video of your own investment recommendations for a “defensive approach” ?

  8. Hi Marc,

    It really does feel like we are near a breaking point. A retracement or correction at this point would not really surprise me. A sustained bullish trend would surprise me.

    1. So true, right? The beauty of this is that we never actually know for sure til it’s behind us!

  9. I’m staying the course, keeping a cash wedge, staying invested in dividend stocks with good quality companies and not losing any sleep.

  10. Love how straight to the point your commentary is Marc. I also agree the market is overvalued. I think the effect from these interests rates are a year or two off when more and more people have to renew their mortgages they got at very cheap rates.

  11. I only invest in oil, gold, and tobacco, so defense is already built in. The more rebalancing you do, the more moves you make, the worse you perform, typically. Someone very famous once said “There’s always trouble.” You don’t have to react to other people’s ideas of trouble. He also said something about a bar of soap.

  12. Thank you for doing this video. I really appreciate how you keep us informed of these trends.

    Speaking personally, it’s already been a bear market for me for a couple of years now. The worst I’ve ever known. At this point I think I’m pretty conservatively invested, or at least I think I should be okay for another year of this.

    Sure hope there’s no stagflation, though! There’s a blast from the past we don’t need.

  13. These kinds of videos are the most valuable, thank you for creating them, they really help, especially for those of us still learning and new investors.

  14. I’m sitting on reserves until the EOY to see what happens with the market. Currently sitting at 6% interest with tangerine until Jan 31. Debating whether I’ll then dump my cash into my mortgage or into the market if prices crash

  15. Thank you for this very instructive video. Now for your question:
    How worried am I ? What a good question. I am invested for the very long term (I am newly retired) so I should not worry about my very balanced portfolio (geography and industry wise but maybe not enough in debt vs equities vs cash). There have been long market droughts in the past century for either the stock or the bond markets. What worries me most is that the correction could now be long and hard as opposed to a sharp fall we have been used to in the past 20-30 years… Therefore from a current current mix of 83% equities, 12% fixed and 5% cash, I will likely get closer to 70 – 20 – 10… Still aggressive, but way less…

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