Stock Market Q2 Recap | Bull Market, Winners & Losers, Inflation, Interest Rates, CAD v USD

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Our extensive wrap-up of the second quarter of the stock market! In this video, we dive deep and bring you all the essential highlights, notable trends, and major occasions that formed the market throughout April, May and June. We'll highlight the top winners and biggest losers.

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Disclaimer: The views and viewpoints shared on this channel are for educational and instructional purposes just. Although previously licensed, the contributors are no longer market participants and are not accredited to offer financial advice. They make every effort to supply you with academic details in an amusing manner. Constantly do your own research and due diligence before investing. Generally speaking, you must speak with a licensed investment professional before investing.

Stock Market Q2 Recap | Bull Market, Winners & Losers, Inflation, Interest Rates, CAD v USD

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  1. Thanks Marc that’s a pretty great summary👍 I noticed Royal has bumped their rate to 7.2%. Ouch…I sure hope there’s not too many Canadians having to redo their mortgages at that kind of rate! I wonder if the statistics on that are readily available anywhere. It might be interesting to know the % of screwed mortgage payers to ..’not as screwed’ mortgage payers.🫤

    1. Thanks, Derek. I think you’ll see a lot of problems over the next 24 months. There was a bit of a boom in real estate a couple of years back, and those deals will mature in the next while. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad. – Marc

  2. Love these short videos, concise, precise, informative, simply presented. Good job!

  3. thank you so much for this video. your summary is so knowledgeable!! its been a bumpy ride these past few years, but i could always count on your’s and Brandon’s videos to keep me focus and making the right decisions. ( even though sometimes i dont agree with your picks!)
    thanks Marc!

  4. Lots of tidbits today Marc! Thank you for all the research and time you did on this. Technology certainly can distort the over all view of what is really going on in the graphs. Glad you took out the tech sector to pull back the veil on matters. 👍💯 ☺🇨🇦

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investing Saw on CBC in Campbell River, I think this is the town, village, you live in, that there were 🐋orcas under a bridge diving and swimming with their baby orcas! Hope you got to see them as well. Beautiful moments for people indeed. 🐋😲 ☺ 🇨🇦

  5. Thanks for this update Marc. With the separation growing between the rich and middle class, all I can say is invest what we can in good quality companies during these times. Even if it’s what you would spend on coffees in a month, at retirement, you’ll be happy you did.

  6. Thank you for doing this video! It’s really interesting to see all the Q2 news put together.

  7. Marc, I logged in this time just to comment on this video. Thank you tremendously for these update videos. Not only are these my most valued updates on this Channel…I look forward to these updates more than anything else on Youtube. Keep up the great work.

    1. That’s so nice of you, Justin. Really happy you benefit from the updates, and thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. Cheers. – Marc

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