Stock Market Insights Pt2.| CIO Interview with Paul MacDonald of Harvest ETFs.

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Thank you to Harvest for sponsoring this video. A Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is the lifeline of any investment management team. This is part 2 of an interview I made with Paul MacDonald, CIO and Portfolio Supervisor at Harvest . We covered a large range of subjects, all appropriate to today's stock markets.

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Stock Market Insights Pt2.| CIO Interview with Paul MacDonald of Harvest ETFs.

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  1. 📈📚 Join the Investing Academy ➤

    Enjoy this market update from the Harvest ETF’s Chief Investment Officer, Paul MacDonald. We discuss a variety of current economic topics and look at sectors that are attractive investments in the current environment.

  2. Thank you for a great video. Harvest ETFs are amongst my favorite and make up a good portion of my portfolio.

  3. That was a lovely interview. ‘Quality businesses. Large Cap stocks, both growth and value.’ These are basic’s all investors should be looking to for good returns with a margin of safety that lets one sleep at night. The biggest difference between a good return and a great return is having a level head during a bull AND bear market.

  4. Amazing video. Worth the wait for part two. Miles ahead of the content presented on TV, which now seems obsolete.

    Marc, would you consider another update on the indicators suggesting where we might be heading now? Seems a bit less clear than it did for the last two. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. And yes, I will be posting an indicators update in the very near future. Stay tuned! – Marc

  5. The second and third questions were exactly what I was hoping to hear/ my doubts. The best interview part 2 thank you Marc thank you Brandon 🙂

  6. Maybe this question has been answered before, but I’d like to understand how an ETF dividend is calculated and paid to shareholders. With an ETF holding many many individual stocks that all collect their own dividends, are 100% of collected dividends paid to ETF shareholders or does Harvest and other providers keep a portion of those dividends?

    1. They should not keep any part of the dividend but the question is, do they get the full dividend or is there foreign withholding tax on some of the dividends.

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