Stock Battles – Which Is The Better Stock To Buy? Vote Now!

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In this video, we continue our Stock Fight Series! Brandon's pick is CT REIT, and Marc's is Altria Group. Do not forget to vote for your preferred!!


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Stock Battles – Which Is The Better Stock To Buy? Vote Now!

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  1. is Brandon trying to lose on purpose to make his dad look better? you can choose good stocks too Brandon, don’t worry about grandpa, he knows what he’s doing! my vote goes to Marc as always

  2. Canadian Tire REIT for the win! Sorry Marc, my ethical boundaries for investing keep me disinterested in companies like Altria..

  3. Mo sounds good to me lots of people smoke and drink so sin stocks are usually great long term income generators. Good luck all 🎉

    1. Their biggest tenants are Loblaws, Sobeys etc. Fun fact: Loblaws also owns Choice Properties RE (w/Weston) but I think it holds diff types of properties.

  4. I own both of these but I would have to go with Altria just because I believe real estate is in for a really bad time ahead. And despite what everyone would have us believe, young people are still smoking and enjoying their boozes

  5. Both great points, I think at the time I like Marc’s picks a BIT more off of the evaluation metrics at this time! I am also very interested in realty (O) also so I might just have to grab MO and O!

  6. $BTI is much better than $MO. More international exposure. Faster growth especially non combustible sectors). Extremely undervalued now.

  7. MO is a classic that people love perfect for RRSPs. A Canadian Tire REIT is interesting, I was impressed when I looked at the Canadian Tire’s evaluations on its own, the REIT is something to look further into.

  8. MO is one of the highest shareholder value creator in history. You can supplement the high dividend with covered calls for even greater return.

  9. I’m with Marc on this one, probably based just on my bad experience with Canadian Tire. We’ll see.

  10. MO for me due to CRT.UT have no growth and cagr at 3.48 on 8 years should be wait to be under valued at least. also I’m on BTI rather than MO 😊

  11. With MO, i sold cash secured puts, then I got assigned yesterday at 43. Then next week I will sell covered calls really far away, giving me about 5% in a year plus 8% dividends. In total 13% return in a year plus the premium I got from selling cash secured puts.
    With Realty Income, I trimmed down a bit and put the other half to VICI. Both have good tenants and just collecting rents from high quality companies.

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