Should You Include Crypto In Your Investment Portfolio?

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Today we'll talk about just how much crypto you need to hold in your portfolio.


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Should You Include Crypto In Your Investment Portfolio?

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Woo, A BBI Video! I’m not a huge fan of Crypto personally, doesnt fit into my investment strategy but I totally could see how there is money to be made in the sector. Just not for me!

  2. My exposure to crypto is owning Hut8 mining shares . It’s a small position since risky but up 175% since the low in December. 🏈

  3. i own 500$ worth in ETH2. probably less than 1% of my portfolio. stacked on coinbase, 4% APY while stacked, if it goes x10, thats excellent, if it does not, whatever it’s 500$

  4. I consider crypto to be a completely speculative play, mostly because even the best coins have no intrinsic value. So for me, I only have play money in it. I bought $50 of Ethereum near the peak, but $40 of that came from a Wealthsimple promo. I also put about $20 each of into the Bitcoin and Ethereum covered call ETF’s. I don’t plan to add to these, I’ll just see what they do over the years because it is just play money. For something this speculative I’ll only put in what I am willing to lose.

  5. Well how much did arrk meta Apple Tesla drop any investment is risky some more then others. But no risk no rewards. And crypto currency is not technology your investing into and not the actually coin/tokens.
    Good content as always thanks for your hard work

  6. And are you buying the coins/tokens or are the people trading it? Longing or shorting crypto with 120%roi with 5% leverage. What stock will give u those returns?
    And crypto is tired to the s&p atm it will separate from stock n the next few yrs

  7. 2% – 10% of one’s portfolio can be allocated into #crypto ( as you mentioned), especialy for younger investors. (in my opinion)

  8. I have invested in crypto in the past but the market got a little too uncertain for my tastes. I will though probably get back in once we have some regulation.

  9. I own ETHY and BTCY ETFs that deal with crypto and provide yield. Not much of my portfolio but something to be exposed to.

  10. If anything, I’d invest in the exchanges, I’m not too keen on crypto itself. I started a small position in $COIN and it’s already up a decent chunk.

  11. 70% in crypto, am i a gambling man? Yes. Has it paid off being a risk taker in everything i do so far? Yes. Will i take more risk, probably not.

  12. Hey Brandon. Love the videos. I wouldn’t say I’m a expert. I’ve been crypto for 5 years now,and I have been mining for 3 years at a decent scale. So I have some idea of what I’m talking about.

    You are skipping the most important part here, and I can tell from some of the other comments that others are making this mistake. If you mention crypto at all, you need to hammer over and over to the audience NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR CRYPTO. You need to repeat this over and over. Regardless how much you invest, it is not safe on a exchange. I got hit for many bitcoin went quadriga went belly up. I see the other guy in the comments talking about his crypto yield… pull all crypto assets off exchanges. Not your keys not your crypto. Or chose one of the candian etf, but even that is like trusting a precious metal fund instead of holding the physical metal. Look just as recent as FTX, just because a exchange is Canadian or American doesn’t mean your assets are safe. If the company goes bankrupt even they will repay investors before account holders.

    How much you invest is up to you. But you are not protected here like with wealth simple. Taking custody is your responsibility. This needs to be preached, And believed like religion

  13. Seeing how much BTC and ETH went down and having none of it, I did buy some but I bought the BTCY and ETHY versions because it also pays yields and should go up in price as well in the coming years so I did reallocate into it

  14. @@@@I am so fortunate that I made productive decisions about my finances that changed my life forever. I am a single mum living in Melbourne Australia who bought my second home in September and is hoping to retire next year at 50 if things continue to go smoothly for me

    1. @@@@Wow! You’re really doing great for yourself. lnvesting in stocks and cryptocurrencies also contributed in changing my story. I wish you all the best and I’m glad you’re having a great journey so far. God bless you…

    2. @@@@Thank you so much. I’m really fascinated about lnvesting and I’m lucky I saw your comment. I wiIl Iook up for her and drop a message. You realIy inspired me. God bless you…………

    3. @@@@Her training program has been insightful, and I must say, I’m most honored to have been part and a full-time beneficiary of her daily signals. I have been growing & have been able to increase my portfolio from 1.5BTC to more than 5.5BTC with her daily signals…

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