Should A Teenager Get A Credit Card?

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Should A Teenager Get A Credit Card?

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  1. When I immigrated to Canada, I had never owned a credit card. Where I grew up, it was almost seen as being poor. Until I had to rent a car, book a hotel, and pay for plane tickets. People looked at me like, you want to pay cash? Nah, son, you are in a different country now. Today I have two credit cards and they are always paid off. Sometimes I stop on the way home for a coffee and pay the credit card, even before the charge hits.

  2. I had a credit card in my teens but was taught by my parents how to use it. From a young age was taught to save. Never had a problem paying it off. Treated it like i would cash.

  3. She’s confusing the mistake of getting a credit card with the mistake of not controlling your spending habits and being responsible with a credit card

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