Rising Inflation Complicates Bank of Canada Rate Decision

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Bank of Canada guv Tiff Macklem and his team will announce its rates of interest decision this Wednesday. In this video we'll look at the financial conditions that are making his task tougher.

Also, we cover the slower than anticipated need for Electric Cars, and take a look at the new guidelines surrounding High-Cost financing in Canada.

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Rising Inflation Complicates Bank of Canada Rate Decision

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Premature rate cut will be a disaster for Canadian economy. There should not be any cut until the inflation is down to 2%.

  2. I appreciate your videos and your perspective, but where did you get the indication that TSLA is cutting down on productions?

    1. Exactly.. less than 20s of the video and somehow EV production scaling back is used as some kind of primary measure of the economy and Tesla is mixed together with Ford as two manufacturers scaling back EV production!? Not only Tesla is NOT scaling back production, they actually accelerate with new model (Cybertruck), increase production of Model 3&Y in 2023 and 2024 and also speed up production of their next generation low cost model by building first production line in Gagafactory Austin instead of waiting until their future factory in Mexico is ready for ramp up. Instead of scaling back Tesla is lowering costs to sell every car they produce and keep their factories run at full capacity.

  3. Please, please cut interest rates back down to zero. I borrowed against my house to buy a new car and a boat and I need the government to help me keep the things that I never worked for and can no longer afford. Rates🚀🌚

  4. Didn’t Stats Can say that the increase in inflation is due to the base year effect of gasoline prices? In addition, gas prices have been dropping for the past 4 months so the trend is consistent in decreasing inflationary pressures?

  5. You are a little bit misleading on the EV story. The Berlin Tesla plant isn’t pausing production due to low demand. It is due to supply problems caused by the ship attacks near Yemen.

  6. look at truflation numbers.. thats current, we are looking at lagging indicators.. rates are going down soon.. 1.5% this year is my thoughts in May ..25% cut….. Canada numbers showing increased mortgage payments as part of inflation is seriously flawed…

    1. Why would you expect more range than you can get from an ICE Vehicle? Even 500km is beyond the range of most cars.

  7. Who says that current rates are not the statistical norm? As I am approaching 70 I am in favour of 5% income from my safe savings. Just like when I was growing up I could get 5%. The low rates of Covid were an anomoly not the desired norm. Perhaps our economy would be better off if we got away from manipulating interest rates. BOC HAS DONE MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

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