Responding To A Subscriber’s Comment From My Last Video… (Individual Stocks vs ETFs Argument)

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At age 20, he became a completely licensed Financial investment Consultant, working for one of Canada's biggest Investment Brokers, Manulife Securities. For 4 years, he worked alongside a highly skilled group at Beavis Wealth Management, specializing in High-Net-Worth Investing. He's had the opportunity to work under his Father, a consultant of over 25 years, and has actually dealt hands-on with customer portfolios, including; analyzing, structure, and handling multi-million-dollar customer accounts.


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Responding To A Subscriber's Comment From My Last Video… (Individual Stocks vs ETFs Argument)

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  1. Damn this is the definition of that meme where the guy tells his wife ” not now honey someone is wrong on the internet! “

  2. There are multiple ways you can look at investing. There is no real wrong way in investing. There are pros and cons to it all. It is up to the individual to make the best decision for themselves when it comes to investing. That is my input.

  3. Great Vid, personally I enjoy all types of investors and methods and take what I want from the information. I thoroughly enjoy your channel and also with the addition of your Dad and his videos. Keep up the good content!

    1. agreed, you don’t have to agree with everything ppl say, I just enjoy the content from various creators and, like you, use the info i find useful 😛

  4. For me, i’ve been purchasing stocks since 2017 for the time being on the market, I have underperformed the S&B 500. I had many winners and losers but so far, I wasn’t that lucky. I made a research and it seems like about 75% of the fun managers can’t beat the S&B 500 overtime

  5. This is an easy one for me.
    I’ve JUST FINISHED the beginners course. It’s extremely balanced as far as which direction they point you. The first lesson when it comes to the actual investing is about ETF’s. And I can say that Brandon spoke about it excitedly, which in turn made me excited about it. It went on to teach about building a portfolio choosing Only Stocks which was delivered with the same enthusiasm, but with a level of caution. Also a lesson using a Hybrid model of a few Core ETF’s and some satellite stocks to pepper things up. That comment is from a YouTube Troll. I’d encourage this person to spend $20 and find out what this channel is really all about, join the Discord and hear from the admins directly. Using Brandon’s and Marc’s advice Ive decided Im setting up my RRSP’s as USD ETF’s and my TFSA’s and Canadian stocks. So im using both strategies.

    1. I wasn’t trying to troll – I edited my comment to remove that part. Thank you for the information on what is offered, ETFs included. My apologies to Brandon

    2. @Lography Respect to you. You know how ugly the YouTube community is. I guess the interpretation of your comment could go either way. Brandon interpreted it charitably and I interpreted it cynically. Come join us over at the Investing Academy, friend. I’m enjoying myself there and you’re welcome to join us 😎😎😎

  6. There’s no right or wrong index vs individual stocks ! Both are good because it means you’re thinking of your future.
    Warren buffet said that ” diversification is a protection against ignorance” not everyone is Warren buffet of course but I don’t think I really need an ETF like VEQT that has thousands of shares of companies from all over the world I just need a few good ones and you only need to look at the S&P500 even though it has 500 companies in it but the top 10 are pulling the weight so yeah index still fine if you wanna have your portfolio on auto pilot but I like to do my readings and my research and I feel that I’m more connected when I own a piece of a company that I like say Telus for example. Also one main reason for me is with individual stocks you know exactly how much you’re getting every 3 month or month and when you invest in dividend growth companies you look forward when the company announce a raise in dividend payout but with ETFs you don’t see it and your quarterly or monthly distribution is like a roller coaster. Again I say both are good but you just have to be content with one and if not then nothing wrong with going hybrid 😃

  7. One strong counterargument to the argument that everything is priced in (so why bother) is that there’s a risk premium you are supposed to be compensated for. So the efficient market theory actually may support (depending on your risk profile) doing individual stock picks in that sense.

  8. Me personally, I do feel that much of the market is grossly overvalued. That’s why my ETF choice right now isn’t the S&P. I think Apple and especially Tesla are overvalued! I still think Netflix is going to fall more. MSFT is probably overvalued as well but I own it(not adding) I think Google is a good buy and FB. But hey that’s me. All of these picks for me are less than 10% so if I’m “Right” I slightly beat the market. If I’m wrong I slightly underperform- oh well, at least I don’t own Tesla or apple 2 companies I think that need to fall way more before I buy. Also for me I can handle owning the sin stocks like the Cancer stick companies, or the baby killer arms dealers in an ETF and it doesn’t bother me. It might bother others though and that’s a fair assessment. For them Individual picks are probably better, cause who knows maybe you end up owning some company that makes money by engaging in business in a way that goes completely against your personal morale code. Investing has to be a personal choice. Thanks for taking the time in your video’s to share your thoughts and really never push an agenda.
    But Brandon, you got to relax man, might be better if you do these reactions when you aren’t so tired, you didn’t come across as angry but I find it too easy to rant “grumpily” when I’m tired. I think most of your viewers appreciate you and your usual good mood, don’t get down on yourself from a comment that rubs you the wrong way.

  9. I like the idea of addressing comments via video. Maybe batch a bunch together and answer questions from the comments section. Could be fun like a mail segment. Keep it real and stay invested everyone!

  10. Why not just invite him on to your channel and have a grown up discussion about it? Easy to be a keyboard warrior and I don’t even know why you’re defending yourself . Your portfolio , your choices , your reputation is on the internet and your performance will determine wether you succeed or not .

  11. Someone looking to get into managing their own portfolio should educate themselves and start slow. Peter Lynch is a great place to start for anyone. I began stock picking in 2009 with my tfsa and have found great success. I now manage my whole portfolio minus my employer rrsp and have never lost money and have out performed the market by a substantial amount. It is possible and it’s nice to know where your money is invested. Yes you risk a margin of safty not being in an etf but when you actively invest the upside is larger because an etf will cut the flowers to water the weeds so to speak limiting growth. Yes there may be miss steps along the way but if you follow some simple rules you will be successful. Time is a most valuable asset. Don’t fomo, panic sell and know what you buy. Gather as much information, find conviction and take deals. You have an advantage

  12. Hey Brandon, this is Sizzle from the gym haha. I’ve never left any comments before but I guess today is the best day to do it! You’ve probably gotten enough compliments on you channel so I just wanna take some time to shout out to you, yourself, and that’s probably why I was drawn to you channel the place. Such a nice, chill, humble and sincere person, you are the kinda YouTuber/person that ppl want to say hi to and trust. Also I’m telling everyone, man, this dude is a loooot taller and bigger(muscle mass) than he looks like in videos.
    Best wishes to your channel, investment, company and family! and keep gymming man, for the gainzz and it helps the sleep and stresses!

  13. Well if nothing else this video made me look at my performance and compare my portfolio vs the s&p 500 which I had never done before.

  14. Brandon, why worry about this type of comment. ” To each their own”; “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. The Big truism is the annually Management FEES. Individual stocks, you pay in with purchase fees, if any; and you pay when sold, if there are fees. See Quest Trade and Wealth Trade, no fees. There are the opposite arguments for paying fees for professional management of Mutual Funds and ETFS.
    In my opinion, a lengthy challenge of a person’s investing style is “not worth the time of day”
    Let it go Brandon. Focus on the wonderful work you and Mark do to analyze stocks.

  15. By picking individual stocks can’t you create a better dividend snowball so when you retire (or decide to access your dividends) you won’t need to touch your principal?

  16. This video has generated more interesting comments to read rather than the fun watching the video. How an individual invest depends on age, experience, types of account, tax implication, risk tolerance, greed, time horizon and patience. There is no right or wrong and we learn with our mistakes and experience.

  17. As someone who purchased mutual funds for over 10 years, i can attest to them being worthless. The banks end up keeping any and all upside while saddling the public with the management expenses (bill) for paltry gains or even losses. Banks make 1000s of percent gains off your money and provide you with 4% at best.

  18. Classic example of the difficulty of applying “averages” to individuals. It’s essentially impossible to determine whats best for a person without knowing their situation, skills, emotions, etc. Saying ETFs are better for most people is true, but that misses the fact that whats best for a group of individuals isn’t the optimal solution for each member of that group. People interpret some studies in a way that makes it seem simple what the best option is, while overlooking the true complexities of the stats that make up the results. If a person is going to be more motivated to cut reckless spending and bad financial habits by investing in individual stocks that under perform the index by a percent or two over the long run, then that is clearly the better option for that individual than buying ETFs. If you are going to be stressed before falling to sleep every night because your stock picks are down 50%, just buy the index. But this creates a dilemma; what advice do you provide to a wide audience, each with unique situations?

    This is where you excel Brandon (and Marc). You acknowledge the differences in approaches and styles individuals have and instead of just giving your opinion on what the best approach is, you look to give us the tools and knowledge that help us find our own optimal. I appreciate the value you both have provided me.

    I think this concept also applies to life in general. We have to find our own “secret formula” to satisfaction and happiness. Simply following everything that others do or expect of us may lead to high levels of success and happiness but never our optimal peak.

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