Record Financial Stress in Canada, US Jobs, Insurance Investigations, Short-Term Housing Problems

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In this edition of Trending Market News, we take a look at the most recent US Job Numbers, Record Financial Tension for Canadians, Ontario's examination into 3 large Insurance groups, and how land owners are moving residential or commercial properties to Short-Term rentals.


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Record Financial Stress in Canada, US Jobs, Insurance Investigations, Short-Term Housing Problems

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤

    In this edition of Trending Market News, we look at the latest US Job Numbers, Record Financial Stress for Canadians, Ontario’s investigation into three large Insurance groups, and how land owners are shifting properties to Short-Term rentals.

  2. As a former landlord,I whole heartedly endorse any landlord who decides to give up living under the absolutely crushing red tape of provincial ‘authorities’. Save your retirement and just rent short term. I feel bad for renters who are good people,but understand that people work hard to get a rental property,and often they just get screwed by their tenants.

    1. Zero respect towards real estate investors and multiple property owners/landlords.They’re part of the reason why so many Canadians can’t even dream of owning a home and I for one hope they get crushed by high interest rates and possible recession and are force to sell, therefore adding more supply and lowering the real estate prices so that normal people can buy a home to live in. In this country with people not being able to own a home, this is pure criminal, I would make it illegal to use homes as investments.

    2. The situation is more complicated than greedy landlords. The world needs landlords, as not everyone is able to or interested in owning a home. This video is correct that landlords run the risk of having to carry their mortgage without rental income for up to 8 months if tenants refuse to pay. There are predatory tenants out there that take advantage of the current imbalance of rights favouring tenants.

    3. ​​@Richard CookWell said. As a landlord in Ontario, I REFUSE to do long term rentals. The landlord tenant board is so backed up, it could take you months just to remove a bad tenant. Short term AirBnB is the only way to go unfortunately, because theres an inbalance of power with longer term leasing

  3. not surprised at the financial stress…more people getting ‘thrown off the bus’, landing under it. The Plain Bagel had a good vlog on the housing shortage, but it seems to be a lot of ‘small’ things adding up to a big issue. Short term rentals are not helping. Long term rentals obviously pay; look at all the residential REITS, for example. I have a long term rental and it has worked fine since 2014. Due diligence when screening tenants. I am also a renter! There is power on both sides, it isn’t one sided.

    1. I am a very small real estate investor and I can see the struggle. The rates are so high. Prices too. Tenants feel pressured and stress. They seem to feel they can make themselves justice and unfortunately, they can a bit. It’s so complex owners often abandon. I really feel I shouldn’t have invested in real estate to save myself trouble and stress. I’m just unsure how I’ll be able to sell right now too. Lots of questioning overall.

    1. Didn’t Trudeau say the Federal government would go into debt so that Canadians wouldn’t have to? More virtue signaling I guess.

  4. I was taken aback when your headline said “Record Financial Stress.” But when you said that they had only been measuring for 15 years then it all made sense. I keep thinking back to the early 80s. I was just a kid but wow, those were crazy times.

    It is about time that regulators start doing something about shady insurance companies.

  5. Hey Mark, think we missed a market bottom vid last month , its certainly an interesting time on the tsx, is an update still coming out?

  6. Thanks for the update Marc! Yes I AirBnB my basement. I wont deal with the landlord tenant board because its a nightmare. If you inherit a bad tenant, they can cause MASSIVE financial stress to a landlord. AirBnB provides a great source of income and landlords have more power in this scenario.

  7. Record? They mustn’t have been doing surveys of the adult population during the early 1980, I can attest 18% interest rates = stress for a borrower

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