Portfolio Manager Interview with BMO ETFs on Covered Call Enhanced Income Strategies

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Today we'll talk with Om Karmalkar, vice-president and Portfolio Manager at BMO ETFs to talk about covered call ETFs!

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Portfolio Manager Interview with BMO ETFs on Covered Call Enhanced Income Strategies

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  1. Interesting strategy for sure but I think I will stick with my blue chip Canadian dividend stocks… but I’m old hahahaha. Thanks for bringing light to these new investment options. All the best in 2023 Marc and Brandon.

  2. I was considering covered call ETFs until I looked more closely at this. Since inception (2017) their covered call ZWC ETF (-14.8%) has underperformed their own Canadian index fund ZCN (23.86%). That is a massive difference in returns over 5 to 6 years for an additional 2.91% annual yield. Additionally, its management fee is 12 times higher.

  3. Watching this as I write this comment and after the first 8 minutes. So glad you talked about devaluing of principle. I am waiting for any discussion about the ROC component of ZWB for example. Their other etf’s have ROC in the taxation component as well. I would be holding this in a non rrsp account so taxation treatment is important to this household. I continue to watch…and Marc, is there a presentation you can do on such a thing as “good ROC” verus “Bad ROC?” Allegedly there is a good and a bad….is that true Marc? Thanks from East Canada

  4. Amen Brandon!!! @ approximately 21:30 you popped the BIG question about taxation treatment for those of us that have non rrsp accounts and taxation is always one on the list to check. Thank you Brandon!!!!!! 👍 But zwb has an ROC taxation and he did not talk about that…and zwu also has a foreign income and ROC income which are not favourable in a non rrsp….too bad he did not talk about those in some of the bmo etf’s. 😔

  5. Marc and Brandon thank you for putting out a video like this during the “holidays.” A time when people generally want to take a break and reflect and spend time with family. ☺

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