Passive Income Investing | BEST Covered Call ETFs, High Dividends, and More In Canada!

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Today I talked with Adriano from the Passive Income Investing channel. Had a blast discovering his insights into the covered call landscape scene in 2023. I highly motivate you guys to check out his membership –

Function Yield Shares w/Portfolio Manager Q&A

YieldMax ETFs w/ Portfolio Manager Q&A


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Passive Income Investing | BEST Covered Call ETFs, High Dividends, and More In Canada!

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  1. Always a pleasure coming back to the channel to discuss High Yield Strategies and the Income Investing Landscape!

    1. There’s some out there that either haven’t dropped capital or have only slightly over a long stretch. Obviously there are bad ones out there but you are being ignorant.

    2. after 10 years, I would have made all my capital back in passive income and then some. its simple math. Nobody can know how much the capital will be worth, same as a growth or dividend growth investor. so this video suggestion is impossible , and if anybody attempts it, its just hearsay

  2. I guess TELUS going down will affect UMAX etf. TELUS International went down 30% the 1st day they announce new guidance on income due to tech companies not needing their services after all the tech layoffs. I think 10% of the income for the parent company TELUS is from TI.

  3. Covered calls win all the arguments. If CC trails a bull market, that’s how CC works. If CC tails a bear market, that’s how leverage works. If NAV is eroding, forget that and focus on income. If income is cut, that’s a very prudent management move to protect the NAV.

  4. With Pii you don’t need to sell your investments if you need an income. Probably better than taking a set amount and dividing the nimber of months of income you need. I.e. one need monthly income from age 55 to 65.

    1. You’re effectively selling the shares whenever the option is called. The premium received isn’t enough to buy back the number of shares you had before.

  5. I would love video where Ben Felix and or Mike Heroux argued the other side of covered call etfs. Both sides claim that there system is better for total return.

  6. This was a really important presentation. Mention of how Marc did a really good job at explaining, at the money and on the money. Your channel, Brandon….and Marc 👍😊, brings to the table multiple considerations when it comes to investing. Adriano did well to narrow down two aspects to master when it comes to Pii. It really is Xmas out there for us Pii investors. The markets are primed for Pii investing. Personally speaking I have been able to relax and enjoy life, doing the projects and activities I love, without worry about what the markets are doing….Long live those dividends! If you want more dividends, put how ever many of your investment vehicles on the DRIP and let things ride! Thank you for thinking to put this together. Atlantic Canada chiming in. ☺🇨🇦

    1. @Passive Income Investing Indeed, Awesome. Keep up the good work Adriano. We are all evolving as we go. ☺🇨🇦

  7. omg wow, such a great video!!! i cant wait to meet you both!!! this was an amazing colab and great knowledge to hold for years to come. thank you so much Brandon for making this possible for all of us. you were there for us during covid and before, and your advice has kept us sane!!
    Thank You.

  8. Just watched and enjoyed. Question I have is with all the covered call ETF options that also offer leverage can get you 12 to 15% yield worries me about what will happen to the split share funds ? Will they slowly go away and they have expiration dates which may not be extended. What are your thoughts on the future of split share funds ? Thanks

    1. split share funds (class a shares) are essentially like leveraged covered call ETFs , but in a closed end fund structure. the “expiration date” is a non worry. i discuss it several times in Q&As with Split Fund managers like Middlefield and Brompton. I even have a “Split Share Funds” Playlist on my channel, I suggest you check some of those videos out!, especially the Q&As as these are the people managing these funds

  9. Adriano with the fountain of wisdom segment on psychology. Nailed it! Not everyone is after absolute total return, peace of mind knowing how their strategy works and what kind of cash flow they can expect each month makes for anxiety free sleeps at night.

  10. The Concern with CC is Return of Capital. I like CC investments as a portion of your portfolio, perhaps 15%, akin to Bonds. I get concerned when you see CC advertising returns of 10% plus. You look at the long term graph of these CC and they are always a slow steady downward trend. Not sure how that is a good investment. Cheers

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