Nvidia, Royal Bank & TD Earnings, Boeing Max 737 Troubles, Housing Bubble, Crypto Arrests.

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Nvidia Earnings, Royal Bank & TD Bank, Boeing Max 737 Troubles, Housing Bubble, Crypto Arrests.


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Nvidia, Royal Bank & TD Earnings, Boeing Max 737 Troubles, Housing Bubble, Crypto Arrests.

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Sorry but true. Week link. No manufacturing or industry of any sort. Living off the land.
    What happened to Nortel, bombardier, blackberry.
    No leadership.😢

    1. That’s Canada in a nutshell. An economy wiith heavy concentration in banking and real estate with remnants of a resource sector that is being intentionally destroyed by the federal government. It’s a strong case for international diversification for sure.

  2. Marc’s level-headed view is fantastically consistent. It is a pleasure to watch.

    No banter or heavy-handed opinions from Marc. The way he conveys the facts encourages community forethought.

    1. Current odds are less than a 50% chance of a September rate hike. But you never know. – Marc

    2. @Brandon Beavis Investing thank you for the quick reply, fingers crossed as my mortgage is up for renewal soon.

    1. Thanks, Kevin. I’ll be interested in seeing how the other banks report next week, and then get a clearer picture of the space in general. Appreciate you watching and commenting. – Marc

    1. I’d say you’re probably right. They’ve been very, and I mean very, impressive lately, but this momentum can’t be sustained forever. – Marc

  3. I own bank stocks, want them to keep giving out dividends…. But hard to feel sorry for them if profits are down… they act like they are in the red.

    1. We’re in the same boat, Robert, and ya, it’s pretty much always hard to feel sorry for the big banks. Always appreciate you watching and commenting. Thanks. – Marc

  4. Really enjoy this news update. I would watch if it was more often for sure! Thanks for the effort to deliver this information.

  5. Love the briefings. i own TD stock and wondering why its down $3 and was too lazy to check earnings. Now i dont have to lol

  6. The fact that the banks are increasing their credit loss provision so much kind of says everything you need to know about a possible housing bubble collapse.

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