My Thoughts On FTX / Finance YouTubers & The “Finfluencer” Space…

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My Thoughts On FTX / Finance YouTubers & The "Finfluencer" Space…

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Brandon tell me what you think of this solution these “FinFluencers” can do to gain some of their respect back: If a viewer can prove they lost money on FTX and used a “FinFluencers” referral code, they can get reimbursed up to X amount using the $50K+ in sponsorship the “FinFluencer” earned for each video in which they pumped FTX. Do I think this will ever happen? No absolutely not, but would be a way to help their reputation.

  2. what i take from this video is that a grown man is ecstatic at the idea of being home alone! 😄 but seriously you’re right in that integrity is probably the most important thing in a financial youtuber. i really liked Joseph Carlson’s video about this topic as well because he was actually sponsoring ftx us for some time so hearing him talk about it was pretty interesting

  3. I respect it. 🤝🏾 that’s why I love this channel. A lot of people shy away from controversy, but much like the fitness industry, the bs needs to be called out so that quality information or in this case quality channels can shine.

  4. There’s a channel called everything money,and I’ve wondered for a while if you should do a collaboration.Might help boost both of your channels

  5. Honestly at first I thought your investing style was outdated. But now I see it aging like wine. Safe, dividend investing is very stress free and is great for dealing with any market.
    Thank you for being honest.
    Appreciate your content a lot

  6. When you play in crypto its prudent to assume that youll lose it all. Don’t put in what you cant afford to lose. Preferably less.

  7. Love your take on Andrei. He rode the wave of Graham Stephen, and since he was entertaining and different he was able to captivate an audience. However, after watching him for a while it was more and more clear his portfolio choices weren’t for me

  8. Brandon, did you eat that entire bowl?😁 As for crypto, I have ETFs which I find less volatile. BTCY and EYHY. I don’t buy individual crypto and get monthly dividends.

  9. That’s why sales function and finance function are incompatible functions. You shouldn’t take any financial advices from a salesman

  10. Money corrupts. These guys would steal every last penny from their audience as long as they could justify it as ‘marketing’ services.

  11. if for example brandon and marc are being paid by McDonalds to promote their burgers, you buy them and ate them. after that u get food poisoning. who would you go after? b&m or mcdonalds? 😂

  12. Blaming financial influencers? How about looking in the mirror for taking advice from people who have accomplished nothing and ignoring people who have been successful for decades.

  13. The free content available online is great as long as you have an understanding of the basics, the – not always – common knowledge around investing.
    I took your course to get that understanding about a year ago.
    Today I have a portfolio that consistently beats the market.
    You are so right though, not for everybody.

  14. You and your dad keep mentioning how you started investing at 11 or so … how? Is there an institute out there that allows an 11 year old to invest in stocks? My son is 12 and he’s interested in investing, but I would have to take his money and ideas and put it into my own account and invest it for him, and thus any profits would go against my own income instead of his. I would be interested in your training program to go through it with my son if there was content in there for a 12 year old to follow and utilize … is there?
    Also, I’m currently using TD as my investment platform for all my needs, and they charge $10 to purchase/sell stocks. I use them for the convenience of everything in one place. Is there another platform I could setup for my son (and I if need be) that doesn’t charge for purchases as his/our investments would obviously not be very high (we’re talking less than $1000 to start with).
    Love your channel, been watching it since the beginning of this year and wish I’d been following sooner, but only got into watching YouTubers regarding investing/stacking since late last year. Keep up the good work (although maybe don’t eat while you’re talking thanks).

  15. I thought Andre was okay about 2 years ago but once he started pushing hard on Crypto I thought he lost it. Most of Jeremy’s investments got way too speculative, but yeah, two to three years of cheap money will make anyone look like a genius. It was an abnormal state and now that the fed is trying to fight off inflation, this is where the rubber will really meet the road.

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