My First Public Speaking Experience (getting over my Fear of Public Speaking)

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Today I'll share my initially publicly speaking experience and I overcame the fear of it!


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My First Public Speaking Experience (getting over my Fear of Public Speaking)

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  1. Hi Brandon, I am writing this post because I truly want you and the academy team to succeed. I apologise in advance if I sound too forthright. I have been a long-time subscriber of the channel and I have been in the academy for the past 2 years. I have followed your channel since your first videos and am so happy to see the evolution of the channel and the academy; however, I feel like this year’s content has not met the quality of your past videos. I understand you are a dad now and that there are many things in your personal life that viewers or academy members do not know, but I feel like the channel has fallen behind other similar investing channels in terms of content. The last portfolio update happened 3 months ago. As an investing channel, I would love to hear your and Marc’s strategies, especially during this time. I would also be interested in the analysis of the earnings reports of the companies you guys own. I remember when you use to dive into a certain company and break down its pros and cons every month by showing graphs, etc. (I believe that has only happened twice this year, excluding ETF’s and disclosing your portfolio). What about the in-depth series of Marc? I will not comment on the academy’s content here as I do not think this is the right place. Maybe it’s just me, but I really do not understand why you would post a video about the fear of public speaking and microdosing on magic mushrooms on an investing channel hahaha. Anyways, glad you are doing great and thanks again for your hard work and thanks to Marc, T and D.

  2. Cant believe this has been up for only 2 hours. It’s exactly what I needed. I’ve been so anxious lately and just thoughts eating me alive with thinking about school presentations. I never used to mind them until I once panicked and couldn’t breathe while doing one. I realized I never got to accept it and it consumes me till this day. Thank you for this video. It’s truly about changing my mindset. I have two presentations this week! Wishing for the best!

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