My Entire Stock Portfolio As a 27 Year Old Living In Vancouver, Canada

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Today I'll share a full breakdown of my personal (TFSA & RRSP) stock portfolio as a young financier in Vancouver, Canada. We'll cover my leading Canadian and US stocks, including the greatest winners and losers. You'll find out about how I have actually decided to break up my portfolio, with a strong focus on dividend paying stocks for passive income.

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My Entire Stock Portfolio As a 27 Year Old Living In Vancouver, Canada

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  1. 📈📚🇨🇦 Join The Investing Academy Today –

    Whoops!! It totally slipped by that I also own Costco CDR for an 18% gain in my TFSA! Can’t believe I missed that one in the video… I hope you enjoy the video 🙂 Thanks for watching everyone!!!

  2. Nice portfolio build out. I agree you have too many holdings especially for it’s size. I personally am not one to hold a high percentage of cash in my portfolio. Right now cash is your highest holding 🤷‍♂️ Quick question for you: have you considered being geographically diversified by means of stocks that are inherently diversified, instead of buying ADRs, like you have with TD, CNR and ATD (I personally own all three So I’m biased 😆)?

    1. Definitely, most of my companies do business internationally so there’s tons of geographical diversification beyond where they are listed

  3. Thank you so much for your videos! They are so helpful and very well done. Also big thanks to your father. I love your channel and have learned so much already!

  4. I feel sad hearing that you feel the need to buy more stocks/more often because you lead a group.
    I’m part of that group because I’m looking for assistance and education, not because I need to be impressed. Being part of the community has helped me immensely. And you’ve led us by example. You wouldn’t want us buying stocks all the time, you’d want us doing research, taking our time, not rushing. We buy when opportunities present themselves, when we see value, and we’re strategic. So are you. That’s all we need.

  5. i definitely get what you were saying about having too many holdings, when i first started investing i would buy just about any stock that seemed cool to me and i ended up with about 50 holdings. after watching many of your videos on here and courses in the academy i decided to finally build a diversified portfolio in a spreadsheet with 13 of my absolute favorite stocks that i could buy and hold forever and it’s simplified my life so much, i’ve been slowly but surely selling out of the other positions since then! 🙂

    1. That’s awesome. I know exactly what you’re talking about! I may have to follow in your footsteps. Love that Ethan 🙏🏻 thanks for sharing

    2. I think his age has a lot to do with it, plus he grew up on tech, so a lot more tech than I would want. My portfolio is high 6 figures and only hold 14 stocks. I like the Buffett theory, where I only buy stocks that I don’t think about if I didn’t look at my portfolio for 10 years. I only want stocks that will outlast me, and have no interest in fun money for stocks. I’ll go to the casino for that

  6. Yup!💯 It takes bravery to reveal your private portfolio.😊 It will help a lot of people. I certainly hope there will not be harsh comments or disrespectful ones either. We are all doing the best we can in this life to figure things out. It is a very challenging world to live in. For decades now all I ever invested in were companies that had a long history of dividends. I like to be paid while I wait and have the DRIPs rolling in to them as well. It has paid off and now with cover call ETF’s and Split corps the higher yields are amazing as well as each have a group or basket of companies. This means diversification. All good stuff and congrats on your fun fishing trip to “detach” from the complicated world we are now living in. Looking forward to your next presentation and the next one from your father as well. Cheers from East Canada👍💯

  7. If an investor has conviction as to the intrinsic value of a quality company with a good dividend, then savor and enjoy the opportunity to buy more on a big decline of share value if the opportunity arises. It is very difficult, but investors should act only on logical thinking and not the emotions that are present.

  8. 14:49 That’s why I have 4 ETFs that (will) make up my core and 4 individual stocks with one CDR that I believe in. BABA is a value play on paper but was a value trap in practice because of the CCP. I’ve always liked companies that I feel will be around for a while but also have good staying power (or moat) like Canadian banks where they provide a good service and generate a lot of cash in the process. I think I’ll have more holdings in the future but I doubt it’ll cross 20.

    I also feel that even though your portfolio weighing to US stocks is different than mine weighing to Canadian, its nice to see that you still believe in the American market while still having a good amount in Canada and China. Personally my ETFs are all I need for exposure outside of Canada and the US because I don’t have the willpower to do too much research into most foreign companies. Canada has good value and America is good for growth and that’s all I need.

  9. Hi Brandon, I’d just moved to Vancouver, and I don’t know the difference between buying US stocks and Canada stocks in taxation.Do we need to pay both sides when we get profits or receive the dividends.
    If I want to long hold Amazon, the best way is to buy in Nasdaq or CDR in Cad?

  10. Thank you for your transparency. This portfolio while appropriate for someone in your age bracket, might not be as useful for someone who is retired or near retirement. Would your father willing to share his portfolio? He doesn’t have to include actual dollars per se, although that would be great, but even just the name of his positions and their ranking.

  11. Thanks for your transparency. Being 64 yrs of age I understand your holdings, however most I would not own. cheers

  12. Totally thought you’d have some POW in there. I picked some up on this pull back, dividend is a winner in my book. All the best Brandon 🙏

  13. Great job , and timing the market is really impossible, you believed in those companies and just keep it up , i know is hard to see -10 %, -20 %or plus down , don’t feel bad about timing the market , cheers

  14. Great video! Just past week I did a spreadsheet with all my accounts combine to check position % across all accounts, and realize I had google as my top position at 10%, and asking myself if was too overweight on it.

    1. Great to see you guys talking about Ava , trad|ng on your own can be very dangerious I can testify to that. This woman changed the game for me.

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