My Chinese Stocks… Let’s Talk :(

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Let's talk about my BABA and Tencent positions. The circumstance has seriously gotten worse and I need to take into consideration that my initial thesis may no longe be valid. Here's an upgrade on my positions!


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  1. Hey everyone! I didn’t go too deep into the research here as I only had a few minutes before heading out for the day with family but I did just want to share an update on my BABA & TCEHY positions. Long story short, as we know, the China situation has worsened quite severely and I have to take into consideration that my original thesis is looking more and more bleak. The numbers are so darn cheap that I am so torn on what to do with these stocks… The third term with Xi continues to give the CCP power to hinder the growth of tech companies, and push the agenda of more government power. It’s a sticky situation to be in for sure and it’s a bummer – but that’s what happens when investing in equities with this risk level and I have to accept that. In the meantime, they remain in the portfolio but we’ll have to see what I decide with time. Thanks for watching!

  2. Don’t feel sorry…you’re not alone…thanks for being honest and speaking about it publicly. Have a blessed day.

  3. I sold Nio back when the whole delisting scare was happening and told myself I’d never buy a Chinese stock again

  4. We knew we were in for a rough ride, the only time I’ll sell is if I’m guaranteed that these companies will go poof, I believe they are still solid businesses in a very rough market. I don’t see anything good happening in the next 4-5 years but I’ll still be around after that and if China truly collapse, these stocks won’t be the only one hit and we’ll have much bigger problems to worry about.

  5. My plan was to hold for at least 10 years, but when I re-visited my thesis nothing was holding. I didn’t think the Chinese government would continue to attack it’s tech sector. I didn’t think there would continue to be a zero COVID policy. I didn’t think the US and China would continue to sabre rattle. Unfortunately I kept buying as it went down and went beyond my position size limits. I sold a month ago for my biggest loss ever.

  6. Brandon. Thank you for being honest. I’m sure this was a hard video to film. There are no guarantees in life especially in the stock market. This could be one of those videos that you bring back 5-10 years from today after they skyrocket to the moon. 🙏👍

  7. Thanks for your transparency Brandon – IMO, China is becoming a pariah state – look what they’ve done in Hong Kong. I’d never support a regime that controls their people like that – I’d be selling Chinese stocks, take the loss and invest in western economies that will provide jobs and income to your family.

  8. Thanks for sharing Brandon.. Good lesson for you to share and it does take some courage so good on you. 25 years ago I was invested in Nortel which went to $0. Got the tip from my barber – LOL. The best control in my opinion is to control how much of your portfolio goes into these. Limiting yourself to 1-5% ‘fun money’ is a bit boring but much safer when there is a possibility of 70-100% loss. I got a bit of both of these stocks after watching your recommendations last summer but cashed them both out in August 2021 as I couldn’t get a handle on the unpredictability of the Chinese government. Good luck moving forward with these. Your channel offers great value and this video is a solid example. You have certainly correctly identified a lot of winners. Thanks.

  9. Honest video! I do have to say that the fact that you entered these positions at a higher point obviously influences the view on these stocks.

    I assume some investors actually see great financials at a bargain price and may step in at this very moment. They gotta have faith tho that the political issues will be resolved some day so the stock can reach fair value again.

    I didn’t like the China risk either so decided to divest from it as well early on. But what is not down nowadays? I wonder what Munger finds of his BABA position.

  10. Congrats for this baby I just heard in the background. And for the humility you’re displaying today, at a young age like yours it’s not a small feat if i remember correctly. What % of your portfolio is in chinese stocks? Il it’s less than 5 or even 10% it’s not terrible. One more thing: I think we should all consider acting as if the big players in the field (powerful states, billionaires etc) can change the rules whenever they see fit “even” if this means many small investors will get crushed. Just study how the USD funds replicating the russian stocks market got liquidated this year… It’s so easy to do whatever you want when you can justify your actions with a flawed reasoning like “virtue against evil” if too few people in the room have a dcent political culture… Worrying times!

  11. These stocks are tremendously undervalued. The problem is that they operate under a communist regime and a dictatorship. So market fundamentals don’t apply and only political factors are relevant. Not only are these tech companies under the mercy of their political rulers, they are also exposed to possible sanctions by foreign countries due to trade disputes.

  12. Thanks B, I think a lot of us are feeling similar pain. Was wondering if you could do a video on BAM/Brookfields? I know they’re a popular holding of yours – and was wondering your thoughts on the Manager split off and the creation of Brookfield Corporation. Thanks

  13. I appreciate your integrity. I still have the two stocks. Know your limits, play within it. You did nothing wrong.

  14. I rode Nortel down from $120 to $20 when I decided to buy more only to see it hit 10 cents when I gave up. It’s still sitting in my account to nag me every time I open the account. Carry On!

  15. 1) Thanks for the transparency. You ALWAYS disclose the risks when talking about these companies, so no need to feel guilty.
    2) What would be the worst-case scenario for these holdings? If they keep going down, would they go out of the market? What would happen to your remaining investment in them?

  16. enjoying these “laptop chats” that you’ve done. great to see these smaller updates in regards to your current thoughts on investments and whats going on with your portfolio. appreciate the transparency, looking forward to future content.

  17. I sold 2 months ago due to weakening fundamentals in BABA but I also really wanted the money to invest into Aritzia so I guess there’s a bit of luck and I found a better opportunity. There’s too many good fast growing companies with no issues especially in this market.

  18. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion. For me, I don’t invest in Chinese stocks long term because of politic issues, delisting, and escalating tension between China and USA. It’s too risky. However, it’s good to trade the stocks if you time it right.

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