My BEST & WORST Stock Picks Of The Year!

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Today I'll discuss my finest and worst stock choices as of just recently!


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My BEST & WORST Stock Picks Of The Year!

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  1. I am thinking of buying tencent stock. Can you tell me how can I buy it. And if it is a good investment.

    1. If you are 20 years old and have money to invest, congrats. If I were you, I would put my money in fully diversified ETF and focus on studies rather than picking individual stocks and follow the daily movement, my 2 cents.

  2. I hope for you that Alibaba will pick up after the split. Those videos are a little long, but very interesting.

    1. If you are going to hold it for 10 plus years than is todays price really going to matter? Over the decades you hold it, the share price should go up and dividend increases will happen.

    2. I’ve been thinking about buying more soon honestly (though I might wait until it is off all time highs)

  3. Re the loser – you did not analyze at all. ie 2. – flat out blamed Marc – no analysis at all. 1. Disney – same and Baba/Tencent – still optimistic …..

  4. personnally cant find it in me to invest or support the likes of facebook instagram etc basically mind controlling the world

  5. ATD has been good for me. I bought soon after hearing of it on THIS channel; thanks Brandon! 
    I bought 8 shares of DIS when it was down on the expectation that it will be around a long time, the dividend will be back, and the price will rebound…I’d say time to buy more, but really I should be putting money where it will give me a dividend. 
    As long as China is threatening Taiwan, I bet the Chinese stocks will be down…but if you are optimistic it sounds like an opportunity right now.

    all of your ‘losers’ are probably long term winners!

  6. The new pic is great! I would love the AQN analysis. I also own ATD, it’s been my best performer.

  7. I am also down in BABA and DiS, fortunately I only invested 10 shares of Alibaba and even less in Disney. ATD is up over 75% and will take half off the table soon. Can’t go broke by taking profit😀

  8. It will be very interesting if you were to revisit this list once we are back into the full swing of a bull market 🙂

  9. Hey Brandon, with all these hype around generative AI, what are some good investment opportunities in that space? Edit: looks like Baba is joining the bandwagon

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