Money Diaries | Exactly how I spent & invested my money | NOV 2023

How do you save, invest, and pursue financial freedom all while still living it up and enjoying your cash while you're still young? I do not have all the responses but we're gon na figure it out together as we go …

I asked in my current video (how I budget plan, conserve and invest) if I must turn this into a month-to-month series, and you guys said YES! So here goes, starting with the month of November!

* ATTENTION: @itsrosehan is my social networks manage on all platforms. I will never ever message or email you about investment plans, so please be careful and block & report any scammers posing as me.

00:00:53 – What I spent last month
00:04:40 – What I saved/invested last month
00:08:30 – My progress towards financial liberty
00:11:15 – Next month's budget plan
00:16:45 – Cash wins
00:17:40 – Cash lessons



Index Fund Cheatsheet:.
Original "How I spending plan, conserve & invest" video:.
Backdoor Roth individual retirement account tutorial video:.
Index Funds vs Mutual Funds vs ETFs:.
Investing for Beginners (your very first $1k):.



I Will Teach You to Be Rich (humorous how-to book on personal finance for millennials).

The Little Book of Good Sense Investing (Jack Bogle's classic suggestions on index funds).

InvestED (step-by-step, millennial-friendly recommendations on how to select stocks like Warren Buffett).

Unshakeable (this book = nerve. blast ALL the worries & misconceptions you have about investing).

Rich Papa Poor Dad (# 1 selling personal finance book of perpetuity … need I say more?).

Believe and Grow Abundant (the supreme book on money mindset and wealth awareness).



YNAB (I actually can't live without this budgeting app, so consumed).

Wise (like Venmo but for global currencies – I use this app a LOT for my life in Mexico).

High-Yield Cost Savings Accounts (do not choose 0% when you can get 3%+ on your cost savings).

Ledger Nano S (crypto storage hardware wallet, since "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto"!):.



This material is for education and home entertainment functions only. Rose does not offer tax or financial investment recommendations. The details is being presented without consideration of the financial investment goals, threat tolerance, or monetary circumstances of any specific financier and may not be suitable for all financiers. Previous efficiency is not indicative of future outcomes. All investing includes threat, consisting of the possible loss of principal.

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Money Diaries | Exactly how I spent & invested my money | NOV 2023

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  1. Budgeting and investing is so “underlooked” by too many. People are just scared to change their lifestyle or adjust even for a year and grow their “money bag” Thank you for the great video🙏🏼

  2. Great video! I would like add that I contribute to a high yield savings account for my emergency fund. It is awesome and yield roughly about 5.50% interest which is fantastic! I actually am able to fund my travel expenses with the interest!

  3. i think its better to hold $ in saving than checking in case someone gets your debit card. Plus high yields (3-5%) in savings right now is no-brainer ⚡ thanks for the Trust reminder Rose 🌹

  4. You’ve changed my life so much, ever since I started watching your vids I started my whole journey on financial freedom at the age of 17! Thank a lot. ❤

    1. Wow you start your financial journey so young! Well I’m honored to have kickstarted that for you, keep it up 🖤

  5. I’m doing similar stuff. Trying to form my property management company and then find a retirement account. Markets opening soon 🎉 Nice video. 👍

  6. I’ve come to realize that money is a tool. I’ve worked so hard over the years to realize that if you don’t make money work for you, you can’t experience true freedom. fully retired with over $3.5million, my dividends is supplementing my retirement at the moment. started saving and investing in 2010 in growth, No regrets and financially free

    1. You’re really doing well for yourself, my retirement plans are going down the drain, I’ve tried investing in the stock market several times but always got discouraged by fluctuations of stock value

    2. thanks for sharing, hope to speak with her soon. I’ve known I’ve wanted to start investing for a few months but just haven’t been brave enough to start due to the market so far this year. but its hard to bite the bullet and do it

  7. What percentage of your portfolio is invested in REITS?

    I love that you have Sinking Funds. I started doing this after taking Dave Ramsey’s FPU class. Emergency fund, Sinking Funds, monthly bills, and food & gas account for groceries, gas, and eating out (occasionally). The food & gas account has been really useful in helping me reign in my spending. I figure that by controlling this expense, I can choose to save or invest more. Also, I had been really strict about budgeting over the last several years since becoming a widow, but then I realized that I was reverting to the bad habit of over spending. The food & gas account helps me be more intentional. I transfer money into the food and gas account once a month.

    1. Good question! I’ll cover my “OVERALL” portfolio allocation (across all my different accounts) in my next Money Diaries!

  8. Rose, thank you so much for this video! Loved seeing the breakdown (I do my weekly wealth management on Wednesdays aka Wealthy Wednesdays lol) — I’m in a similar situation as you (early 30s, on the road to financial freedom, high net worth) and it’s so inspirational to see another woman invest in herself & her future while also living in abundance and having fun in the moment! 🙏

    1. Wealthy Wednesdays, i LOVE that, i might steal that from you soon hahahaha! cheers to being badass women on the road to financial freedom! ❤️

  9. Hi Rose! Yes, I use my credit cards for almost everything, in order to get the points for airline and hotel points, but I pay my credit cards twice a month (on payday), therefore incurring $0 in interest! 😎🏆 No cutting up my credit cards for me! I’ve been a fan of your channel for years!

    1. That’s super responsible and smart! I would never give up my credit card either! Just gotta use it responsibly…

  10. I was curious about 401k contributions for someone without a W2 job, thank you for explaining the self business option. I enjoyed the explanation about reit, and stock investment as well. Thank you for sharing and for another great video 🎉.

  11. Thank you for your transparency, it is very helpful. Your success is amazing and inspirational. You are helping so many people! I had no idea a designer handbag cost that much 😮

    1. You are so welcome! Thanks for watching! Funny you thought that was expensive for a designer handbag… that’s nothing compared to what’s out there lol 😅

  12. Thank you for reiterating that it is okay to be flexible with our budget but not to take money from the “necessity” categories to fund our “wants” category. ~Myra

  13. Your 4 year old Fidelity videos showing how to go through the menus and examples of what to invest in changed my life, after watching that video it all clicked for me on how to invest. I now have close to a million between all my investment accounts at Fidelity

    I think budgeting is still lame though, you should just know where and why you are spending your money and you should know if you are getting the best value for that money being spent beforehand. Maybe that is just another muscle you need to develop in your life.

  14. Thank you for this video. Super practical! Your transparency is a gift. I appreciate your balanced approach and that you make room for luxury in a way that fits your values.

  15. Rose, your genuine nature truly captivates me. Your authenticity is what distinguishes you from other financial experts. You remain true to yourself without pretense, openly sharing your vulnerabilities. I am thankful to have discovered you.”

  16. Thank you for starting this series I am very excited to follow it and it is very motivating and helpful. I am curious if you still spend time based in Denver? I am based in Denver but have spent 1-2 month periods in Mexico City this last two years and am curious what f you have insight into the straddle between the two cities. I also would love to ask you about the process of buying a condo in CDMX?

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