Market Bottom: Fact or Illusion? JANUARY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a market crash recovery.

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The stock markets have opened strongly in 2023, however have we reached a bottom? Here are 6 upgraded signals you can utilize to help you spot the when the marketplaces are prepared to recover.


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: Fact or Illusion? JANUARY 2023 Update | SIX signals to a recovery.

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. I hope we don’t take off too fast. I’m not done buying blue chips yet lol. I think it will be bumpy till the interest rate hikes ease and we start to pivot.

    1. @Brandon Beavis Investing I would like to add Marc. Would love to see a portfolio update with you and Brandon since the downturn. Might be helpful for younger investors to see how a conservative well balanced portfolio can turn negative but can and will be green as we recover.

    2. Don’t sleep on it…this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $15m. I wish knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought.

  2. well, since there is nothing really going or changing economy wise…I am predicting you say no it has not, although it may have slowed a bit…so there is still a chance to buy at sale prices. I think this is the second or third bounce of the ‘dead cat’.
    …but every time you do one of these posts, the market gets worse…

    1. I should get you to put my notes together, Robert. You always read my mind anyway. 🙂- Marc

  3. I very much enjoy these monthly updates. Despite the not-so-positive outlooks as of late, I find your updates reassuring & helpful. As always, thank you for the time and effort you took to put this together!

    1. Hi Kirsten. You’re very welcome. Looking forward to when these signals turn more positive. – Marc

  4. I agree fully with Kirsten Hunter below, very much enjoy these monthly updates. Well done Marc! Thank you from East Canada☺🇨🇦📈📈📈👍

    1. You’re welcome. It’s a bit hard to be patient these days, but I’m leaning that way too. That said, I’m mostly invested in equities, so it’s more playing around the edges than anything major. Thanks for watching. – Marc

  5. Hi Marc, happy new year, for some reason Youtube didn’t show me your videos 😢but, I watched all of it today! anyway, that’s not great news hahaha I’ve to admit that in this point I miss green numbers, but, if we’ve to continuo buying in the bottom we’ve to take adventage (last week was very green, but we’re never sure). Great work and thanks for the information!

    “Hola Marc, feliz año nuevo, por alguna razón Youtube no me mostró tus videos 😢pero hoy los vi todos! De todos modos, no son buenas noticias jajaja. He de reconocer que en este punto echo de menos los números verdes, pero, si tenemos que seguir comprando en la parte inferior, hay que aprovechar (la semana pasada fue muy verde, pero estamos nunca seguro). Gran trabajo y gracias por la información!”

  6. I will say wait and watch, a lot of change can change in Feb month and a lot of people will say ‘we were not expecting this’. By the way, all the inflaton drop seen in last few days is due to some factors and those factors are going to change again.

    There must be some reason all economists are saying the next 18 months are going to be hard, save wealth.

  7. Isnt it annoying how every time we have a bear market rally the “experts” being interviewed at CNBC and Yahoo Finance go “yeah we are bullish!”

    1. Agreed. You rarely hear anything different, but the ‘experts’ are pretty much money managers, so they’ve got to stick with the agenda. – Marc

  8. As someone with 20 years to retirement, I want the markets to drop in the next few years, so I can buy at cheaper prices. I think the US market is still overpriced, even after last years decline, but that doesn’t alter my dollar cost averaging every paycheck into a balanced portfolio of low cost index ETFs

  9. Thank you for another video in this series. Even if the news isn’t positive we’re learning about market indicators, which is nice. I really enjoy your videos.

    That said, I’m keeping my bindle tied and my shoes dry. Can’t give up the hobo life just yet.

  10. YOOO, I know im only one of the comments here but you and your dads video are amazing. I’m actually learning a lot even though I’m not even part of the academy yet (no money). but damn I have been following your videos for like 3 years now and thank you for all the things you have shared cuz just for me, I have been learning a lot from you guys so thank you.

  11. Super informative, and great video. Kinda feels like someone broke the VIX. Has anyone tried turning it off and then on again? 🤣

    1. Holy cow… I hadn’t thought of that. I’m going to unplug the VIX, wait 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. I’ll report back in the next video. 👍- Marc

  12. Inverted yield curve = rising Fed funds rate (resulting in short term rates increasing too). Then the economy turns negative, then rates fall and stocks crash. That’s my understanding anyway. Though you’d think that the sequence would instead be: economy turns negative, then stocks crash, then rates fall?

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