Jobs Blowout, Trade Surplus Up, AirBnB Attack, Tesla Lowering Prices, Massive Bond Selloff

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In this trending news upgrade, we look at the recent Canadian jobs report, which blew away expectations. We also look at the increasing Trade Surplus, the Federal governments attack on AirBnB, what Tesla requires to do to satisfy 2023 Delivery Expectations, and What chances the Bond Selloff exists.


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Jobs Blowout, Trade Surplus Up, AirBnB Attack, Tesla Lowering Prices, Massive Bond Selloff

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. Actually, they work 3 to 4 part-time jobs where they have no benefits. Plus the fact that the market is now under immense pressure with the unrest in the Middle East. We would not like to see another reduction in oil and minerals.

  1. I wish the governments would increase taxation on multiple airbnb’s by household so they couldnt just put it in their partners or kids name to bypass taxes. Theses rental issues are getting so out of hand.

  2. I have an Airbnb outside of Canada in a place where tourism is supported, so bring on the Canadian Airbnb restrictions as this was seen coming.

  3. The average hourly rate is up, but most of the new jobs are part time lol. Doesn’t matter if you make 2$ more and hour if you only work 20 hours a week. My guess is outside of the rise in jobs because of school year beginning, most new jobs are crappy temporary part time jobs because people are desperate. I wouldn’t raise rates, the economy is clearly sinking IMO. Film industry is still completely dead and studios are telling me they don’t expect productions to start before the Holidays. Gaming is struggling, construction is in a coma, restaurants are on minimum staff and reduced hours. The winter is going to push a LOT of people and businesses under.

  4. Hi can anyone advise me…on is it still lucrative to move to canada especially from india amid present scenario. Keeping in mind about housing crisis, recession etc.

    And what your thoughts on future prospect after 2025 and Pierre Poievre?

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