Jay Powell Comments, Germany GDP, Canada Post Losses, Kleenex & Blackberry Disappearing?

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Trending News: Jay Powell Seminar commentary, Germany is the worst G7 GDP Nation, Canada Post loses Cash, Kleenex is leaving Canada, Blackberry may be Offered.


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Jay Powell Comments, Germany GDP, Canada Post Losses, Kleenex & Blackberry Disappearing?

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  1. The Fed is poised to overdo it. Whether or not they increase feels irrelevant now. The question is how long will it stay high?

  2. Face the lamp to the wall :p i will bounce and diffuse the light. Your pretty face will be nicelly lighted :] nice video too!

  3. As a consumer, I understand all too well why CP is losing a lot of business. Have you ever send something with CP and paid for ridiculous high prices only to have the parcel lost or taking three weeks in business days? When I look at FedEx, I know for sure they will deliver on time. Purolator is pretty good too, even if it is owned by CP, they seem to have a better handle on getting packages across Canada. The best deliveries come from Amazon to be honest. Very interesting point on the US economy. I am sitting here wondering why and how we survived our first house purchase, I remember the interest rate was pretty high in 1998/1999 – we squeezed by. I am not looking forward to 2025 when I have to renew the mortgage.

    1. Interest rates were higher back then, but the total value of the mortgages were lower. Today’s home buyers are coming in at the tail end of a long overheated property market.

    2. I have used all different delivery companies and they are all bad. Half the time there were some visible damages on the package. Amazon one time just left the package on the walkway 5 feet from the door. To its credit, Canada Post actually have the lowest shipping rates among the major delivery companies.

  4. Thanks for another great video. As a nation we need to address the problems of Canada Post sometime. The post office is still vital to our country, but they don’t seem to know how to handle today’s challenges. Reports have been written in the past, and were ignored by different governments. I think in the end the corporation will need to be overhauled and fundamentally changed. Not in the way the Conservatives wanted to change it (halting mail delivery is suicide for a post office), but instead by streamlining management and adding new functions, like the postal services in other countries.

  5. Public services like Canada Post, public transit, libraries, and healthcare aren’t meant to be profitable. That’s literally the entire point of them being public. Complaining about their profits is just an effort to argue for cutting their budgets, making the service worse, and privatization, which leads to a lack of service for those who need it most in remote areas.

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