“I’ve Never Seen Anyone Call It.” – DIMON

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In this episode we'll take a look at what JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon needed to say from Saudi Arabia, and it's not great news for the stock market. We'll likewise discuss the Bank of Canada interest rate choice, and look at why Bitcoin is surging today. We'll look at profits from CNR, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Boeing. Likewise in this episode, we'll look at the Meta claim that's been submitted by 3 state Attorneys General.

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"I've Never Seen Anyone Call It." – DIMON

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  1. 📈📚 Join The Investing Academy ➤ https://bit.ly/theinvestingacademy

    In this episode we’ll look at what JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon had to say from Saudi Arabia, and it’s not very good news for the stock market. We’ll also talk about the Bank of Canada interest rate decision, and look at why Bitcoin is surging this week. We’ll look at earnings from CNR, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Boeing. Also in this episode, we’ll look at the Meta lawsuit that’s been filed by 3 state Attorneys General.

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  2. i like the numbers based reporting so far. Numbers are only useful when context is given. I appreciate how you compare the numbers from last quarter and last year

  3. Keep doing what you’re doing!!! Your knowledge, experience, and expertise is very much appreciated! Thank you for all 5he upto date info and analysis!!! I never miss an episode!!! Cheers from 🇨🇦

  4. Yes. Great to include important numbers in one video for reports of multiple companies. These videos help. Thanks very much for your continued efforts and sharing. Appreciated much 😊

  5. Thanks for another great video. In regard to numbers and stuff, I watch these videos not so much to learn about the news but more to learn what you think is important or interesting about the news. It’s your perspective that interests me, so I’m happy with whatever amount of numerical detail you think is best.

    As for Meta… I’m a little too old to fully understand Instagram culture, but I’ve heard that it does tend to emphasize the superficial and pretending to be happy rather than actually enjoying your life. So I can see how that would be harmful, especially to young people who have grown up with Instagram as their primary mode of social interaction. But having said that, it seems like Tiktok is far worse in pretty much every way. Maybe they’ll sue that company next.

  6. I don’t really care for the numbers, a simple chart of up/down is interesting with your context, but I come for your comments and insight that I can’t find elsewhere from just numbers. Thanks for these!

  7. I like the numbers as they give information on the market performance for major companies especially when you add some analysis

  8. I always looking forward to hear your perspective and your updates every Monday and Wednesday, keep up the good work! I am definitely interested in hearing the earnings reports. Thanks!!!

  9. I enjoy your summary of the various earnings reports. Other than the fact that I hold CNR, and it looked like it had a bad day!😊

  10. Well my vote is “ yes “ please continue covering significant events like key earnings reports as your skills and expertise distill a lot of data o to tasty digestible morsels we can enjoy ! 🏇

  11. I would prefer your analysis of the numbers rather than the numbers themselves. I suspect most people on this channel are invested in ETF’s rather than individual stocks. We’re also more likely to be long term investors than traders. If I have new money to invest I would rather put it in a sector that is oversold rather than one that’s overheated and look for advice from several investment sites I follow to guide my decision. Thus far quite successfully. Thank you for the content you provide on this site.

  12. Good review Marc. I enjoy hearing the earnings from select companies. I enjoy the format of this video

  13. Earning reports are always nice to hear. Comparing sectors over time would be interesting too. Similar to your market bottom series.

  14. I like the numbers based reporting, but only for the Canadian stocks, not that I have anything against US stocks, I just feel Canada doesn’t get enough attention ❤😊

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