Is Vancouver Ever Going To Be Affordable?

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Is Vancouver Ever Going To Be Affordable?

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Never say never.
    I live right across the river from Detroit in Windsor, Ontario.
    Detroit was once the third richest city in America. Now it’s mostly a dump though some downtown areas are coming back nicely. Around 10 years ago you could buy a vacant lot next to you from the city for $500.
    It’s on the way back now but it’s nowhere near what it was.

    1. @whutwhut I don’t understand this generation response to analogies. They always say “It’s not the same…”
      Yes, we all know it’s not the same. The point of an analogy is to see the similarity between two different things, not to point out the obvious a difference. We know what happened in Detroit. The potential similarity, is that Something Could change causing a a drastic change in Vancouver.
      A massive fire.
      New changes in laws.
      An accident.
      My point was you can’t say Never. It happened to the third richest city in America. I’m not saying auto companies will leave Vancouver and decimate it. Sheesh.

  2. Greater Vancouver area will continue to be more unaffordable in our life time, unless there is some catastrophic event happens that cause the area to be uninhabitable.

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