Is the FHSA EXEMPT from 15% US Dividend Withholding Tax?

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Today I'll talk about whether the FHSA – First Home Cost Savings Account in Canada undergoes the 15% United States dividend withholding tax


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Is the FHSA EXEMPT from 15% US Dividend Withholding Tax?

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  1. Hi Brandon, I was suspecting the same thing. You saved me from doing some research though I will probably do the research anyway lol.

  2. Hi Brandon, thanks for sharing the information. I have one question, Is dividend income from CAD hedged US ETF e.g. XOO, VFV applicable for US Withholding tax?

    1. Yes, Avi Gilburt is the best he’s the only one I can leave my investment with and think less about it, he is my money maker.  I just received €13,000 of my investment last month.  I am very happy because he is leading me to financial freedom.

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