Inflation Below 3%! | What is the Bank of Canada’s Next Move?

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January inflation in Canada was available in well under what the marketplaces expected. In this video, we look at the effect that will have on the Bank of Canada's rates of interest choices this year.

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Capital One plans to purchase Discover in a massive $35.5 billion offer.
Rent Rates in Canada set a brand-new all-time record.
The Canada Pension Plan Financial investment Board exceeds other pension funds.
Germany goes by Japan to become the world's third-largest economy.

Likewise, we take a look at a number of business that are bumping into strong headwinds. Initially, Apple lost a big Supreme Court fight that might cost it Billions of dollars, and Boeing is under more scrutiny by the FAA following the current 737 Max 9 occurrences.

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Inflation Below 3%! | What is the Bank of Canada's Next Move?

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About the Author: Richard Money


    1. @@Azel247 they are knowingly publishing lower than true CPI numbers. It is pretty obvious. If you think the government is honest you have a lot to learn kid.

    2. Cooling inflation doesn’t mean deflation. Prices are still going up, just not as fast. It also depends on your personal situation. Some people’s rent or mortgages have skyrocketed, while others haven’t seen that high of an increase. It also includes items you may not even be able to buy such as airfares which have gone down.

  1. Strange that the drop in inflation was directly correlated to Jan. gas prices, and the month of Feb., what have gas prices been doing? Yea, I think from now and well into summer, gas prices (inflation) won’t be seeing any drops…

    1. I’m hoping that 5% is the new normal when it comes to interest rates. That’s actually much lower than the all time historical average which I think was closer to 8%.

    2. @@philshyu5248 lol yeah but there was not any where near as much debt out as before, never going to happen bud, they are going to be forced to cut, look at the interest the central bank needs to pay as well. the sheer amount of debt canadians hold can not support rates anywhere near where they are now

  2. Groceries already doubled over the past few years, prices need to drop at least 50%. Greedflation and justinflation needs to stop

    1. Prices are not going to drop 50%. That’s not how the economy works. A L of gas cost 22 cents 50 years ago. A house cost $30,000. Prices don’t return to those levels. We just try to keep inflation manageable.

  3. Doctored up numbers just to move the inflation number down. It is odd that the gas prices in Guelph, Ontario, have not fallen. Prices of groceries are at an all-time high.

  4. CPI x-shelter is now at 1.5%, already below the 2% average and at the low end of the 1% to 3% band……. most people have no concept of y/y numbers…. which high readings last year will push this years numbers below 1% CPI and will be triggering rate cuts regardless.

    1. shelter is people biggest expense, and also has the highest inflation. so sure if you remove the inflation from the calculation then it appears there is no inflation.

    2. @@Tobi_Jones you do realize the shelter part of cpi goes up when rates are increased right…. so to solve that part requires rate cuts.

  5. if the rate goes down, would the Canadian dollar go down too, if it when down would inflation goes back up again because we import lot of stuff.

    1. Absolutely this is the case. A devalued dollar only increases inflation in import costs. They will be waiting on a cue from the rest of the world, not being the first mover. As rates have gone up across countries, so they will come down, with leading economic powerhouses first. But don’t look for rates at what they were in 2020 at near zero, we aren’t going there anytime soon again surely we hope. THat is why we are in this mess.

  6. where did you get this inflation number from, I live in Canada, I don’t see anything down, everything you say is BS

    1. don’t give me the inflammation version of Big corporations, look at Canadians who can’t afford anything, they’re like in poor countries, my friend, you don’t make sense.

    2. I don’t see salary inflation, why, because Canada is the most affected of the G7 countries and it’s still going down

  7. U.S. dollar higher in January Canadian dollar lower in January which would result in Canada’s Inflation rate being higher than that of American’s not lower than American’s.

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