I made my first MILLION using the LAW OF ATTRACTION… here’s how

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Happy 2023 men! I hope you have actually documented some money objectives for the year. I wanted to share more of my personal story in the hopes that it will influence you to dream BIG and to never ever quit on your financial goals! Let's make it all happen this year, you have actually got deep space in your corner:-RRB- @chime

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I made using the … here’s how

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  1. Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted, but I’m SO HAPPY to be back! Let’s go 20233333333 💫🖤💥

    1. thanks for the video. I’m on my journey too! Just waking up, speaking my affirmations, and visualizing my dream of financial independence! Great job on your success!

    2. After years of waiting for a new video lol jkjk glad your back I saw you on the NYSE welcoming video the other day and I thought that was pretty cool

  2. Thank you so much 🌹 Truly appreciate you, your channel, and the wisdom you’re sharing from personal experience. I can totally relate 🙏🏾 ¡gracias!

  3. The law of Attraction is a true one, agreed. Although cutting out people from your life who do not match your expectations/vision is simply cruel, and also not necessary at all. Basically does not have to do with the law itself anything….

  4. I so appreciate the authenticity, honesty, and transparency of your videos. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Manifesting that I will win that candle, it looks so cool, ugh

  5. Welcome back!!!! Missed your videos!!! I bought your options trading class! Thank you for what you do!!!! Happy New Year!!!!

  6. I love it Rose. You give me alot to think about. But I’m in my mid sixties and really want my 16 year old daughter to think like you. I invested 22k for her Social security benefits but now a little over a year to put her 400.00 a month into something for it to work for her. I don’t know what to do with e cepr put it in a money bag and keep it at home.
    Love ya Rose!

  7. WOW, Glad to hear from you. I thought something happened. Please keep the vlogs coming. Your are most definitely ‘one of a kind’. Take good care!!!

  8. Going through divorce and starting over, finding you made a big difference in my thinking and life. Not where I want to be but am a lot closer. Stay safe and happy Rose.

  9. Grateful for your humility in describing the difficult obstacles you’ve faced getting to where you are today 💗

  10. Great to see you back! As a retired Navy Veteran, I was lost on what to do in my life. Your posts are very motivating. Mahalo!

  11. All right Rose, you’ve convinced me! I will be making vision boards and focusing on changing my life in 2023. I’m also envisioning the two of us having coffee and breakfast in our mansion while getting ready to spend the weekend at our beachside home. How’s that for dreaming? By the way, you still look MARVELOUS!

  12. Hey Rose, so happy to see you again. I totally get this and I am so grateful that you made this video xxx

  13. For me this just sounds like plain old goal setting and taking massive action to reach your goals. But a lot of people call it law of attraction. For me law of attraction has a bit more magic to it….😊 But I think that goal setting and taking massive action is a more sure way to reach your goals than LOA…

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