How To Set Up A DIY Corporate Investing Account In Canada – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

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Today I'll talk about how open a business account in Canada. This is a fantastic method to invest additional money within your service. I'll discuss a few essential things to be aware about and my preferred platforms to utilize.

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Introduction – 0:00
Disclaimer – 0:42
Why – 1:18
Things To Be Conscious About – 2:39
Key Point – 3:45
Actions To Establish Your Business Investing Account – 5:01
Investment Options – 7:47
Alternative Alternative – 8:15
Outro – 9:31


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About Brandon Beavis:.

Brandon Beavis was among the youngest consultants to become fully accredited here in Canada.

In 2013, Brandon formally began his industry research studies. Over the years he has actually finished his CSC (Canadian Securities Course), CPH (Conduct & Practices Handbook), WME (Wealth Management Fundamentals), 90-day Investment Consultant Training Program, participated in the Manulife Specialist Advancement Workshop in Oakville, ON, and attended many industry seminars, conferences & events to assist even more his learning.

At age 20, he became a fully certified Financial investment Consultant, working for among Canada's largest Financial investment Brokers, Manulife Securities. For 4 years, he worked along with a highly experienced group at Beavis Wealth Management, specializing in High-Net-Worth Investing. He's had the opportunity to work under his Father, an advisor of over 25 years, and has dealt hands-on with customer portfolios, involving; analyzing, building, and handling multi-million-dollar customer accounts.


Disclaimer: The views and viewpoints shared on this channel are for informative and instructional purposes just. Although previously certified, the factors are no longer market participants and are not accredited to supply financial advice. They make every effort to offer you with educational details in an entertaining manner. Constantly do your own research and due diligence before investing. Normally speaking, you should seek advice from a certified financial investment expert prior to investing.

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How To Set Up A DIY Corporate Investing Account In Canada – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

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About the Author: Richard Money


  1. Are Horizons total return ETF’s a good idea with zero dividends or distributions to lower taxes??

  2. The biggest advantage of a corporate account is lower tax rate, especially if you’ve maxed out your TFSA & RSP.

  3. I’m giving a thumbs up right from the start. A corporation is a really good thing.Get an accountant’s option, though. It is not technically your money. Corporations, although pretty much the same as a ‘person’ as far as the law goes, somehow manage to be taxed at a much lower rate. You just need to get your ducks in order to make it all work.

  4. Super-timely, Brandon; I am right in the middle of setting up my corp investment account with QT. I ruled out TD (where I have my biz account, but they require that one go into branch – not convenient) and WealthSimple – they don’t currently offer self-directed corp investment account, just advisor.
    Not investing with my corp excess cash has been a HUGE deficiency in my overall investing strategy. I felt intimidated and unsure if it was something that I could do myself, and the tax implications. It has been really quite difficult to access easy, user-friendly information, so your video is actually quite reassuring! Now need to figure out what to invest in for low-to-no-risk. Thanks!

  5. I am curious to know what an accountant would charge to do a T2 for a corporate holding account?

  6. Thanks Brandon! Emailing my accountant right now about this. I didnt know you could do that lol

  7. Question as a newb investor. Is it better to diversify your investments into multiple dividend paying stocks or funnel funds into a more select few dividend paying stocks in order to reach DRIP faster? Ex: if i have 100$, do i buy more ENB and TD or should i diversify it a little ($20 into CNR, $20 into ENB… etc).
    Cant seem to find this answered anywhere

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