How to choose a GOOD life insurance policy

Given that getting my own life insurance plan a couple of years back, I have actually been blown away by what a cool tax-free, wealth-building loophole it is! Here are 4 things to keep an eye out for when picking your own policy.

How to choose a GOOD life insurance policy

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  1. i’ve never met a fiduciary insurance company that is truely looking out for the policy holder. in the end, they are still working a job where there are spiffs or commissions that will give them a higher pay.

  2. Why have life insurance at all? I never have. Saved me a fortune over the years. No wonder insurance company towers are the tallest, poshest buildings in town. They’re betting that nothing will happen to you, while you’re betting that it will. Who wins that bet 99% of the time? They do. There are better ways of managing your risk than enriching these city slickers.

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