How to be good with money

After climbing out of $100k in debt and becoming economically free, I reflected on what being "good with money" REALLY means. Here's a short list to see how you're doing. The bright side is that you can start being excellent with cash TODAY, because being good with money has more to do with the actions that you're handling a consistent basis, instead of just how much cash you have in the bank.

00:01:00 – # 1 Your net worth is moving in the right direction (up vs. down).
00:03:45 – # 2 You're working towards the "Crossover Point".
00:05:50 – # 3 You feel GREAT about money.
00:08:42 – # 4 You're economically prepared for (nearly) anything.
00:12:55 – # 5 You can talk freely about money.

YNAB (budgeting app):.


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  1. Would you like to see more budgeting videos from me? Hope you guys enjoyed this one 🖤

  2. We appreciate all you do to help us all become good with money!! 🏆😁 Thanks for the 5 point checklist! ✅

  3. My Girl Rose, you knocked it out of the park again! I am an older guy (60) with younger kids, (18, 15, 6) a financial planner at one time (Series 7, 66, Variable Ins) and I always discuss money in little bites with them and try to lead by example. Your video here, however, is like THE roadmap for these younger people who STILL get zero training about money in school. I think you are the perfect age to lead a whole generation into financial literacy as well as ENJOYING the process of building equity. You have the road map, and they can see through your interesting life, that the proper use and harnessing of money can bring you freedom and with a little luck, happiness! My Dad always told me, “work hard for your money and make your money work hard for you”. You really have a teaching gift. Brains and beauty too. I always enjoy your videos!

  4. I really looove this video, Rose! So sobering and inspiring at the same time. Take care always! 💕💕

  5. I just wanted to tell you that you’ve helped me so much in a short amount of time and I’m so grateful for your videos. I started watching you a month ago, and I opened and put some money into a high yield online only saving acct for emergencies, and I’ve also made moves in paying off my credit card! You were the catalyst that got me in that direction. My mind set has been shifting every day since, your videos motivate me so much! Thank you truly

    Ps budgeting!

  6. This is like your first video. Great for newbies. Your options videos really helped people make money. As far as your parents making money taboo . Well my mother showed by example opened me a saving account with my first job ( father died young before I could work) never talked about money but was frugal best lessen ever and never just gave me money only on birthday and Christmas. So we need to learn by example and your parents probably did a good job as well. Be appreciative of them and respectful as Asian culture teaches.

  7. Back in the money groove! I enjoy the lifestyle stuff, but this is obviously your groove, and it’s been so helpful! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about budgeting…

  8. Appreciate your financial knowledge and tips!! Definitely a good thing to plan for the unexpected with additional cash on hand 😊

  9. Thank you Rose. I’ve been thinking, can you use your credit card as a back up emergency fund source, and invest the money you would have put in a savings account? Seems a waste to just let the cash sit in a savings account.

  10. I reached that cross point at 41 or 42. It felt great. But then I was bored out of my mind so I took a job as an actor to keep myself busy during the day. I would have been better off starting a small business. Which, later I did.
    No matter how rich you are and how many assets you have one still needs a reason to awake in the morning.

  11. So practical and nicely explained! I want to learn how Excel can be used to budget where I can feed in my daily expenses, income from salary, stocks, other investments and foreseeable expenditures, tax, etc.. like an individual’s balance sheet..

  12. Very touching and encouraging vídeo. “The pace that you start with is never the pace that you end with” ❤️❤️ Thank you

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